Recent Posts March 28-April 3, 2016

Since I'm moving from one blog to the other and trying make the transition smooth.. I thought I'd start a weekly feature where I list the posts that I've written over here.  :)

I reviewed a book that my son totally loved.  SuperHeroes don't eat Veggie Burgers.

Figured out my curriculum for Grade six, and learned today I should have his writing program covered for next year as well (if it all works out as it should).

Reviewed an animal bok called Bridge to the Wild.  This was an interesting read I am glad I persisted in reading.

I participated in a five day blog hop on Tips for homeschooling parents.

day one:The Importance of family.
day two: Working and the Homeschool Life.
day three: Tips: Knowing when to take a break.
day four: Tips: Handling Curve Balls
day five: Knowing you have to decide.

Two reviews for early readers.  Paul Meets Jesus and Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet.

Hymn Study on Low, in the Grave he lay.   This hymn is also called "Christ Arose" and was written by Rev. Lowry from the USA.

The Language Arts program I'll be using next year called Logic of English.   This I will use for grammar, spelling etc.   While I will hopefully be using Virtual Education Systems for a writing program.

I did a first last week.. made my first printable!   Marsupial Gliders

It was a rather busy week.  :)   It was fun though and gave me something to do while recovering from this frustrating cold I am enduring.


  1. So much information jam packed into one post! That's great! We have started homeschooling and I love the site!

    1. Thank you. I hope you enjoy your schooling adventure that lays ahead of you. :)


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