Review: Class Pet Squad

You know the show Wonder Pets?
If not, check this out:

Classroom pets that prove to useful and have a variety of adventures.

If your children like that show and/or that type of story, let me introduce to you Class Pet Squad: Journey to the Center of Town.   From the moment I started reading this book I thought....ooh.. what's that children's show that my son used to watch.   Hubby supplied the name after thinking it through for a while.  :)   For this review I received a soft cover readers' edition book, courtesy of Raincoast Books.    This book was written by Dan Yaccarino.

My son, age 10, is beyond the level but oh.. it's a nice little easy chapter book for children and their parents to enjoy.

There are several things that I like about this 134 page easy chapter book.

It's loaded with pictures.   In my copy all the pictures were in grey-scale. I am told "final interior will print in two-colour".  But for your young readers, the pictures nicely help to tell the story.

Not only are there tons of images throughout the book, it is also printed in a larger font, making it easier for the reader to follow the story well.

Isn't that a great font size for younger readers?   Makes it so much easier to read.  My 10 year can read smaller print, but I find when he's reading a book with unfamiliar words he likes to use a magnifying glass to increase the font size. So having a larger print size for early reader books make SO much sense to me.  :)

Other than the "nice to have stuff" what did I like about the book itself?

First off the characters grew and changed, it wasn't just an adventure story, but a story of listening to others and choosing to make better decisions.  Learning to see the needs of others and not just the larger picture.

Secondly I liked the determination, to despite the odds against them, to finish the task set before them.

At the end of the book a new friend was made who helped them out of an unexpected conflict.

It was a good little book, animals on a mission to help someone they feel responsible for.  Simple fair for your early chapter book readers.


  1. Our daughter liked Wonder Pets when she was younger so she might enjoy this book. Thanks for posting!

  2. It's a good read. if you can find it, your daughter will most likely enjoy it.

  3. Oh, that looks like a book my younger girls would love!


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