Review: Raising Uncommon Kids

Sami Cone has written a book to help parents raise selfless children. Raising uncommon kids - 12 Biblical Traits you need to raise selfless kids.

Book Synopsis:
Many parents are surprised to discover just how little we’re actually modeling the behaviors we hope to pass on–qualities such as unconditional love, gentleness, forgiveness, patience, gratitude, humility, and more. This unique book offers a fresh way to look at molding your children: by focusing more on adding good behaviors than on eliminating bad ones.
Grounding her advice in Scripture, Sami Cone shares stories from her own life to show these principles in action. And she outlines practical things you can do right now to create a home and family that exhibits love, harmony, and generosity of spirit in a self-centered world.

What you get:
 A book with three sections, each section broken down in character traits
One: Your heart at Home
  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Gentleness
  • Bearing with
Two: Your Attitude Toward Others
  •  Forgiveness
  • Wisdom
  • Patience
  • Kindness
Three: Your Influence in the World
  • Gratitude
  • Peace
  • Humility
  • Compassion
My Thoughts:
 I have to admit that the author lost me in chapter one when she started talking about how she organizes her day.   It felt unrealistic to me, and created a feeling of disconnect that was hard to fight past.   I stuck it through though and found things that I liked.

1. She talks from her heart and her devotion to God.
2. Mentor Moments - advice from other people who can speak into a situation
3. Make it practical - when she gives examples of how to make a particular character trait real.
4. Each chapter follows a similar format, makes it easy to follow.

If you would like additional support as you go through the book you can find it here.

Final thoughts: Not a sit down and read book.  It would be a good book to use for a class, to spark conversation and thought among parents as they examine their ideas about parenting children with each other.  

About the Author:
Sami Cone is a blogger, radio host, and TV correspondent. Known as the Frugal Mom on Nashville's top-rated talk show Talk of the Town, Sami hosts the nationally syndicated Family Money Minute and educates more than one million listeners every morning on the Family Friendly Morning Show. She and her husband, Rick, have two children and live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Product Details: 
Received: Softcover Book
Title: Raising Uncommon kids: 12 biblical traits to raise selfless kids
Author: Sami Cone
Pages: 204
Publisher: Baker Books
 Reviewed for: Nuts about Books.


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