Review:Ghost in the Key of A

I rarely review books for Ascot Media... the titles rarely resonate with me, but  Ghost in the Key of A intrigued me.    AND I was right to be intrigued, T. Katz wrote a book that immediately grabbed my interest and had me saying "I want to read this book with my boy!"

Book Synopsis:
Ghost in the Key of A: Pythagoras follows Pricilla, a budding young pianist whose piano is plagued by a quirky ghost after she discovers a sticky "A” key. The ghost teaches her some of the most fascinating things about music history.  She soon finds synergies in these lessons and her own life.  Readers will find Ghost in the Key of A: Pythagoras engaging and inspirational.    

My Thoughts: 
What a neat book.  I loved it.   Priscilla, living in a family where a mom encourages artistic expression and a father who well.... just doesn't get it.   Priscilla is floundering, not knowing how to fit in with her father, how to do her music when she wants to play with friends, and how to show her dad she can study the subjects important to him as well.

It's just so hard for her to focus on her music at times, it all seems like such a drudgery. Enter Pythagoras.  He's the ghost who lives in the Key of A. Pythagoras brings a new air of interest to Priscilla as she practices her music. He teaches her various aspects of music and musical terms, and her confidence increases.    

This book could easily be used for a beginning music theory class.  :)

It's an interesting book with small illustrations scattered throughout that expand the knowledge base of the reader.     Good book.  

Product Details:
Received: Softcover Book
Title: Ghost in the Key of A
Author: T. Katz
Pages: 79
Price: $3.98 (ebook), $9.25 (book)
Reviewed for: Ascot Media 

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