Spring has Come!

I have to admit.. I LOVE spring flowers.. Don't you? I think my favourite are what I call my grass peepers. :) Small tiny flowers the peep up through the growing grass. Every year they cause my son to ask "Mom, why didn't you put them in a proper garden?" And every year I answer... "because when they peep out of the grass they make me smile lad". Then my lad just shakes his head at me. He is SO like his father. His father shook his head at me when I planted them in the lawn. Ah my fellows... they just don't understand my pleasure at my little grass peepers... and that's okay. :)
Last fall I moved dirt and some plants around and somehow (I know not how) one of my grass peepers ended up in one of my raised beds. I discovered that it brings me almost as much pleasure to see them come up in my gardens as well. :)
Another one of my joys in my daffodil/tulip garden.    When my mom moved off the family farm she dug up all her bulbs and moved them with her into town, and when my father moved into a nursing home, mom went to visit him so often that he gave up her big flower bed, leaving her with lots of daffodil bulbs to rehome.   I got a bunch of them.   So seeing them come up has that added bonus of a smile of history remembered.  :)    Some of these bulbs I purchased myself, but a good 2/3's are history bulbs.
Should we ever move from this place it'll be a job and a half.. but I'll be digging up all my bulbs.. except for my spring peepers... those I'll leave to hopefully bring a smile to the next people to live here (hopefully, unless they be head shakers like my boys). 


  1. What beautiful little flowers, little reminders of God's creativity and love of beauty. :) Thanks for sharing this part of you! Happy to have you at Christian Fellowship this weekend! Blessings. <3

  2. Thanks DaLynn, aren't they though?

  3. I love the first flowers of spring! I haven't got any bulbs in at this house though, but I keep forgetting to plant some since we moved here :)

  4. I know, aren't they great. Go get some and plant them in the fall. :) Beg them from neighbours. :)

  5. I'm sure that part of the reason tulips are one of my favorite flowers is that they bloom early in the spring! And also once the bulbs are planted, I don't have to do much but enjoy the "surprise" when they come up in the spring. I love your little "spring peepers" too. The volunteer flowers around my yard bring me great joy as well.

    1. Just love spring bulbs, they just are a delight to the eyes and a boon to the spirit after the coldness of winter. :)

  6. Love your story, Annette! How wonderful to have your family flowers with you.

    I've been seeing some gorgeous tulips around town. Last night I drove to a girlfriend's home (she lives downtown) and drove by the most gorgeous border of daffodils, multicolored tulips, and blue circuses. I wished someone else had been driving so I could get a picture!

  7. oh... wouldn't that have been lovely to see. :) We have a neighbour here who has the most beautiful year round gardens (except the snow gets in the way, but then she has interesting plant designs). It's just lovely. :)


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