Fanfare, Royalty, Combat... A King's Delight

Recently my family was treated to the King's package at Medieval Times.   My son brought along a friend as we took the time for the royal fanfare courtesy of Medieval Times.  This is our review.  :)

 Medieval Times graciously offered us the King's Package.   This comes with: 

 Gramma, son, friend of son, myself and my husband attended.   We made sure we got there in plenty of time so that we could see and hear all they had to offer in the preshow arena.   When one is in the greeting area, you are surrounded by various shields and crests.

You are handed a card, which will signify your hat colour, and part of the Royal Package you get to have your picture taken with the king.
Your hat colour also signifies your table colour and whereabouts you will be seated.   Being at green table three means we were sitting ring side, closest to the action, with the knight who.. as it turned out.. was the King's Champion of the day.

Before we actually got into the show though, they have an area set up with shops and people wandering around dressed in period clothing.   The boys were able to meet the King's Falconer where they learned she was hooded, not because she wouldn't stay with him, but because there were a couple of service dogs roaming around and she was not fond of dogs at all.
And there were shops.  All manned by people dressed in period clothing.  There was a bar set up in the middle of the floor and town crier who called out birthday greetings, and announced which tables would get to go in next. 

 The lad was mightily tempted to by a sword for himself and his friend but found them simply out of his price range.   Eventually the temptation subsided as we found ourselves going into our sitting area.  And here we all are.  :)   Ready for an evening of food and fun.

 And it was GOOD food.  Soup, bread, chicken, corn, potato, limitless drinks (pop etc).   The only thing I didn't like was the tea post meal which was MUCH too strong for my taste.

Before the main show there were smaller shows, the falcon flew and caught her lure, the horses strutted their stuff.. Gramma just LOVED this part.

Then the main show began with the knights performing their skills.   I have to tell you this.. there were a group of eight year old boys celebrating a birthday.. and my.. they hooted and hollered and had SO MUCH fun.   YEAH!!!!   Green Knight YOU ROCK!     And booing and hissing when the bad guy appeared.   "YOU SUCK!!!   YOU ARE THE BAD MAN!!!!"    They were so totally into the show it added that extra bit of enjoyment to the show.   Though I have to admit, the mom with them looked a bit shell shocked!  :)

The show was a lot of fun, even though we had seen it last year, the joy and the wonder and the fun were still there for my lad with plans for next year!   MOM!!!   Do you think next year I should wear my knights costume?    Wouldn't that be fun?

I said "Sure Lad, but let's see if they invite us back next year too!"

Here are some pics of the fun we had.

And action.   Men were called upon.  Will you defend the honour of the realm?   Fight to protect the throne and the Princess?   Jousting, combat, sparks flew as weapons hit.

Currently we are listening to a series of books called "The Ranger's Apprentice". (Excellent series by the by.. get your boys to listen to it.. your girls too!)  :)   It is set during this time period, when we saw the flail at work against the sword, it brought to life the danger one of the characters was in when he was faced up against the flail.  The reach it gives to the person bearing it and the thud it made against a shield.   Made it all more real you know?   Even though we know the show is carefully choreographed so no one gets hurt, it still brings the thrill and the danger immediately to bear.
And so, the kingdom was protected.
And all was good in the land.

By the end of the show my son's friend said "I am so tired, but I am so glad that I came."

Did you know that you too can go to see Medieval Times?
You can.  
The prices in Canada are as follows:
You can pick up these additional packages: 
Did you know that Medieval Times, Toronto received an award last year?
If you want to have a great meal (using your fingers), great service and excellent entertainment, do check Medieval Times.   It is well worth your time to attend.     HAVE FUN!  


  1. So much fun!!! This is something I've wanted to do for so long, and still haven't checked it off my list. Maybe soon! :-D

    1. Kym...go if you can it's fun

  2. What fun! Nothing beats the experience. So glad it was a fun one. I'll be looking for "The Ranger's Apprentice." My daughter loves audios; I bet she'd enjoy it. Thanks for the tip. - Lori

    1. Lori..the books are so good. Lots of humour in them too.

  3. the link to the Rangers apprentice books


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