Five Minute Friday: Rest

Hmm... rest.

We all need rest don't we?

 Even if we aren't busy we need rest... have you ever noticed that?   Sometimes we need rest from our "not busyness"... like when I'm on vacation and I realize I want to get home and get back into routine and back into being into this that and the other thing.  :)

BUT when we are busy with all kinds of things... that is when rest more often feels craved right?

Or when we are busy fighting a battle with our minds or our souls or feel like there is just too much going on around us.. we just need to stop, and consider and change and refocus...

We NEED to rest.

We need to remember what's important in the long run.

This morning my lad and I were working on a new art project, it called for some fine detail and we'll be using new techniques and materials.... My lad was stressing out...and I sent him to walk up and down the stairs... to get rid of those stress endorphins and to just grab a moment to regroup.  He needed to rest his mind from the stress of trying to do perfectly something he was learning for the first time.   It's hard for a perfectionist to do something right the first time giving it a try.   And one of the things I'm trying to teach him is... be a perfectionist...but give yourself the needed time to do it properly.   Don't rush it... rushing it never  helps.  :)   Take the time to rest and relax into the moment of trying something new.   Rest instead of stress.

Mind.. some people work best under pressure they really do...but not in our household.  Stress just makes us crazy in our heads and we forget about what's most important.

Recognizing the giftings God has given to each of us.
Remembering the importance of family and relationships.
Remembering that just as God "always has our back" we do the same thing,  we help each other through times of stress.

Resting gets us away from the craziness and back to what's most important.

What does resting do for you?

FMF is a community of writers.  Writing for five minutes on Fridays (sometimes a wee bit later) gathering a word prompt Hosted over at Kate's.   This week the word was REST.    Come along, join us won't you?


  1. I love your thoughts on rest, that it helps us refocus on what is priority. Blessed to be your neighbor at FMF #40

  2. Thanks for stopping in Kelly. :) Rest is so important isn't it... is so many different ways.


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