Haven, a Five Minute Friday inspired Post

Kate over at Heading Home hosts Five Minute Friday, a weekly word prompt.   A group of folks gather once a week to give their thoughts, in about five minutes, on a given word prompt that changes weekly.   Everyone comes up with something different it seems.

I have to admit, I've been pondering this word prompt for a couple of days now...Trying to think what the word haven means to me.   It's not an easy word.

And then...I thought of my front garden.
How it's an overgrown mess....but of how a wee child stopped and saw my cat hiding in the tulips.
And then she saw my chicken, and my bunny and....

She talked and pointed it out to her mama, and her mama pointed out the flowers, and bugs that I have hidden there as well.

My heart smiled.

I got to thinking about how my front garden is a haven for young mom's.  I put tons of things in there to make children look and see, I give mom's permission to come and close and take a moment or three with their littles and just see and smile and look, and if needed, pick a flower or two.   It's all good, and it brings a smile to many a face.  :)

It may not be a haven of rest, but I do hope it a haven of connectivity.   We need to connect with each other, to bring a smile or two to the face and hearts of others, don't you think?

So, the linky closes up in another couple of days.  What'y'say... want to join in the party and write on the word haven yourself?   If you, let me know, and in the spirit of the party, I'll come over and visit you too!  :)



  1. Love this visual of a haven of connectivity! Love, love, love! And a place where moms can come close with their littles to pause in the beauty? Lovely! Thanks for writing!

    1. Carey, thank you for your kind words. :) I love my messy little front garden. :) I still need to get my hanging rabbit out there yet....


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