Review: Let's Explore Series

You know how sometimes you get a book to review and you think to, I wish I had these when my (insert child's name) was into these types of books?

Well that was my response when I received the Let's Explore books from Lonely Planet Kids.   The books are Let's Explore Safari, Let's Explore Ocean and Let's Explore Jungle.

I love these books.
I wish I could do them but.. I'm too old AND I'd rather save them for younger hands than mine to work through.

They are NOT cookie cutter books.  You know, when you get a series and you can pretty much say what's going to happen from page to page?   Not so with this series... different puzzles, different facts, different ways of presenting the information, it makes them interesting.

Each book open with Marco and Amelia about to head out on a new adventure.

Then through a series of sticker pages, puzzles and activities the reader is led to learn a variety of information about the safari, jungle or ocean.
The pages are bright and colourful, drawing the eye in.

There are over 250 stickers in each book with plenty of pages to put them.   Where the stickers are put is not dictated, leaving the user free to place them wherever desired.  In the back of the book there is an answer sheet which is great if one gets stuck on one of the puzzles or activities.

The stickers are, for the most part, great for smaller hands, but also interesting enough for older hands.

Let's Explore... Jungle (Lonely Planet Kids) by Lonely Planet Kids (2016-02-16) takes us into the jungles of South America learning about the flora and fauna.

 Let's Explore... Ocean (Lonely Planet Kids) by Lonely Planet Kids (2016-02-16) learning about sharks and other oceanic life, drawing a seahorse and more.

 Let's Explore... Safari (Lonely Planet Kids) by Lonely Planet Kids (2016-02-16)  takes us to the plains of Africa where we can explore the big five, visit Victoria Falls and more.
 Geared for ages 5-8, Lonely Planet Kids has done a lovely job of helping children learn more about the ocean, jungle and safari.  They have done up a number of other books as well, be sure to check them out.   Rainforest Books graciously sent me these three books so that I could give you my honest review.

Just in case you missed it, I think these books would be a lovely addition to any house with younger children.. sticker, puzzle, learn as you work the activities.   So much colour and fun to be had.

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