The Missy Franklin Story, Swimming with Faith

Missy Franklin, from Canadian roots, swimmer extraordinaire and person of faith, this is a review of the book "Swimming with Faith".   Written by Natalie Davis Miller, we are walked through Missy's life from an active five year old swimming, to the college-age swimmer that she is now.

Book Synopsis:
One of the most talented swimmers in the world today, Missy Franklin has been swimming since she was fie years old and hasn't stopped.   From local summer swim leagues all the way to the Olympics, Missy proven over and over that hard work and dedication can make dreams become reality.   But through all of the adventures and challenges that are a part of this determined athlete's life, Missy has remained true to her heart and faith -- making sure that God, family and friends stay top priorities even in the face of the fame and glory that come with achieving goals like Olympic gold and world records in her beloved swimming.

My Thoughts:
This book is geared toward children, who want to know more about Missy Franklin, world-class swimmer, with Canadian roots swimming for the USA.   It's a book about a  girl and her desire to be the best swimmer that she can, and how her faith in God sustains her.

Filled with pictures of Missy's like, like her beloved dog
As well as images of her reactions when receiving a medal at the Olympics.

I appreciated the real touch of humanity showed (like being a fan of Justin Beiber).    They were fans of each other.

They even showed an image of why Missy is such a good swimmer.  Physical strength and bigger feet and hands, excellent turns and pushes.
For youth, who are very much into swimming and want to read about someone who pushed through hard times, and made goals and met them, and continues to do so.    Through it all she acknowledges the Lord God as being a very relevant and needed part of her life.

It's very much a "fan" type book.   Filled with everything about Missy that you could think of.  I learned a lot about the world of swimming and the dedication needed to excel in it.

I read this book on behalf of BookLookBloggers.  


  1. I do enjoy a good story about commitment and dedication, especially to the Lord.

    1. it was a pretty good story overall.


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    1. glad you liked it. Cheers!


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