What does it mean to Create, a #fmfparty post

The word prompt for five minute Friday this past week was create.

  • : to make or produce (something) : to cause (something new) to exist
  • : to cause (a particular situation) to exist
  • : to produce (something new, such as a work of art) by using your talents and imagination 
Think about that for a moment, to create is to cause something new to be made.   One can create a poem, a piece of art, a new start in life in someone struggling, a business, a lesson plan, a play, and more. 

Have you ever paused to consider where that act of creation comes from?

The Bible tells us that in the VERY VERY BEGINNING God.. God created the heavens and the earth and everything that dwells within it.  (Genesis 1 and 2).  In the process of creation, God created us as the pinnacle of his creation.

When he made us, he made us in his likeness.  Think about what that means for a minute.

Take my boy for instance.  EVERYONE who sees him says "you look like your father"  (and he does).  BUT he has my sensitivity and love of animals, and he likes to garden (GO FIGURE).   So as much as my boy looks like he is made in the image of his father, he's also made in the image of his mother...  Two different aspects, one external image.

When God made us in his image, he didn't just go for looks, he also went for WHO HE IS.

Our God is a supremely creative (just look at the world around us), and he is WAY more than we are.  He is. he's God, not man.

We get our creativity from him. 

So as you go out and create, remember what spawned that creativity, that ability you have to create a child, a piece of art, a business... remember where it really comes from.   The one that created you in the first place.  

Go well.. create!   :)


  1. Hi Annette - I love that thought and had never thought of it that way before - God didn't just go for looks but we reflect who He is. Nice pictures. God Bless

    1. glad I added another perspective to your thinking.. good to do that eh? :)

  2. Creating is definitely my favorite thing... I think so many kids today aren't learning to create and I wonder how much that impacts their mental well being. <3 Plus... if you craft, you won't have any money for drugs. ;)

    1. any hobby takes away extra dollars eh? Exploring our creativity is a very good thing indeed.

  3. Amen! We are made in His likeness... and He is a creative God!

    1. Karrliee, thanks for stopping by. :) Yes, our God is creative ...so much more than sometimes we realize.


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