Five books, five reasons, all about adult colouring.

Have you joined in on the colouring craze?   You know.. colouring for adults?
I have to admit that when I heard about adults colouring, and not just with their children I thought, huh?   What's up with that?

So I went out and bought a book, wanted to see what the fuss was about and discovered something.
I enjoy it.  Not so much that I want to do it every day, but sitting down and colouring when you don't want to read and you don't want to go out for a hike.. it's an enjoyable way to kill some time without watching the tube.

I thought I would take the time today to introduce you to some books that I use and some reasons why it's good to colour.

First book and reason

Peterson Field Guide Coloring Books: Reptiles and Amphibians is a neat book that has colouring images of various reptiles and amphibians and is right up my son's ally for things to draw and/or colour.   It comes with small stickers that you can use as a reference as well.

 This book is actually my son's.  He just grinned when I picked it up.  "Look mom!   It's HalfWay!" (a toad of his).

Reason to Colour: No childish drawing that inspire research into a favourite topic or that simply enhances one's learning about them.  My lad likes the realistic drawings and the colours that match colours in nature.

Second Book and Reason
Coloring Book Be Still

A chance to think on some words of God as you delight in coming up with just the right colours.  A perfect book for rainy Sunday afternoons when everyone is tired and just wanting to chill out.

This book is filled will flowers and birds and words from the Lord.   Not every page contains a verse, or birds, or flowers.   But much of it does.

Reason to Colour: This is my "let's be pretty book" which is not my normal frame of mind, so it's great for Sundays when I NEED to relax and prepare for the coming week.   It's a girlie type book and out of my normal paradigm of thinking and it's good to cultivate that part of me sometimes.  :)

Third book and Reason

Animal Kingdom: Color Me, Draw Me

This book is the one that draws people in when they colour with me.  There is SO MUCH variety contained with the pages.     I've started and stopped with so many pictures as my mood will change with what I want to do.  Eventually I'll get around back to those started.

The pages are thick enough to do pencil or marker.

Reason to colour: Whimsy can take you many different places, and sometimes following whimsy can leave you lost.  In this book, I don't get lost and I can always come back again.  :)

Fourth Book and Reason
Art Therapy Coloring Book Menagerie & More

This is actually one that my hubby picked out.
the pictures in it are mostly just animals, and mostly headshots with clean, clear lines.   No white on black or pictures inside of pictures.   It's a basic interesting colouring.

I find that I start and finish pictures in this book more quickly.  I really enjoy the thick pages and clear images, and hubby is more likely to pick it up and join me in an afternoon of colouring as well.  Which is WAY COOL.  :)

Reason to Colour:  Sharing a hobby with someone I love. The variety of images allows for different tastes in items to draw.

Fifth book and reason


Admittedly this is my least favourite colouring book.  There are things I like about it, but I find I have to pay more attention to careful colouring with this book.  Many of the lines are quite thin.

What do I like about it?
Mmm... scripture verses that are quite varied.  Blank pages behind each picture means I can rip them out and display them if I think they are good enough for that.  :)

Reason to Colour?
Encourages carefulness and attention to detail, which helps to focus on my mind when I have to do things like planning out a school schedule, or vacation plans.

So do you colour?
Do you have books that are different than mine?
Why do you like them?

Share with won't you?   :)


  1. Love these! I enjoy doing some coloring and think I need to get one that has some verses. We got a Color the Psalms book for someone recovering from surgery and I have thought I need one of those several times. It is definitely a different way to ponder the scriptures. - Lori

    1. oh good! So glad you like them. They are all quite different in my mind, and I pull them out for different reasons. One night while camping my sons friend asked if he could do one... he was busy for the rest of the night. :) Good to share that colouring time.


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