Review: Ultimate Guide to being a SuperHero

Admittedly, when I first received this book I thought "HUH?   What am I going to do with this one? I have no interest in superheroes, and now I have a book on them?"

Then I opened the book and I was AMAZED!!!   What book you ask?   The Ultimate Guide to Being a SuperHero.

You know what this book is?   This is a
- boys cooking class
- a co-op class with varied activities
- a semester of learning that encompasses phys ed, coding, math, language arts, arts and so much more.

It's a GREAT book, let me tell you all about it eh?

Exactly what is in the Superhero book?

Secret Identity 101
  •  This section covers topics like your mask, avoiding detection, changing into your superhero suit and choosing your secret identity
Dealing with villians
  • Subcategories of fighting evil, knowing your villains, villain weapons, and more.
 Gear & Gadgets
  • Items such as supersuits, cape, accessories, specialty gear, secret messages etc
Moves and Maneuvers
  •  flying, transportation, marksmanship, smashing, fighting, jumping
Being a Superhero
  • topics like: finding your superpower, training,developing your brand, choosing your sidekick, social media, secret hideout, your commitment to the world

 This book is written for children.   It's focused on keeping them safe and letting them have fun learning all the ins and outs of being a superhero.   For instance, capes are great when you are with your friends, or in a parade, but fighting or flying in a cape.. NOT such a good idea.  :)

There is humour found within the pages, as well as seriousness, like the importance of knowing how to code.
Cooking when you learn about Superheros is so much...and you get to play with your food too!
Think about the math and the conversations you could have, and watching science happen before your eyes!
Remember I mentioned phys ed?
Well you do know superheroes have to be in good shape to do what they do right?
Exercise time!!!!   From learning how to eat smart, to how to keep your body in good shape, superheroes have much to learn and much to do.

At 157 pages, the Ultimate Guide to being a Superhero is packed full of activities, from making a mask and the rest of your gear (sewing anyone?), to building your secret hideout, and  making a target, as well as learning good superhero songs... and so much more in-between.

There is so much information in this guide to boggle the mind (it certainly surprised me!)

I am so pleased that Raincoast Books sent me this item to add to my resource pile... so much to do!  :)
As I went through this book I kept thinking how easy it would to turn this into a book on being a superhero for God, or adding to it to turn it into a health unit (or expanding the phys ed section) and so much potential in this book to do SO MUCH WITH IT.  Seriously.

The Ultimate Guide to being a Superhero,is book that 8.86 x 10.35 and  160 pages long.

It is geared to children ages 6-11 years.

Printed on multi-coloured pages.

The book is a coil book, making the pages easy to turn and stand up if necessary.  It lays flat easily, making it easy to follow instructions when making crafts or cooking.

 This is a hands-on, let get down and dirty and do some learning type of book.    Life skills and superhero skills combined, have fun with your child today.


 US Link: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Superhero: A Kid's Manual for Saving the World, Looking Good in Spandex, and Getting Home in Time for Dinner

Canadian Link: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Superhero: A Kid's Manual for Saving the World, Looking Good in Spandex, and Getting Home in Time for Dinner


  1. Oh fun! Looks pretty cool for one interested in super heroes of any kind! - Lori

    1. I know, it's a cool book. So divided on whether I should keep it or sell it. The lad's so NOT interested in it, but it would be fun to do in a co-op class.


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