Listen, a #fmfparty post

Today's five minute Friday word prompt is LISTEN.

I have to admit that I'm feeling stuck on this word today.
Stuck because I don't want to violate family privacy.
Stuck because listening is a hard one.

But tonight I was having supper at my mom's and she read a short devotional on the verse
"Be still and know that I am the Lord".

Mom and hubby got to talking about that verse and in essence those words "be Still" actually mean SHUT UP.

Usually when a person is told to shut up (at least in my experience), they are being told to shut up because they simply aren't listening.

Think about that a for a moment...

SHUT UP so you can listen.

The Lord God himself wants us listening.


That's what the Lord wants...just for us to know who he is, and sometimes we are just so terminally busy and so busy yapping about minutia, and we need to be told to be still, to just shut up for a while.

Just be still.   Listen.    Hear the Lord and KNOW him, know him full well, and trust in him.
But first
Be still.