Review: Sunshine, Acts of the United Sceptres, Book One

Four individuals set out to rescue a nation!   Can they defeat Marduk?   Here is my review of Sunlight by Julius Buchanan.

Book Synopsis:

An ancient nation struggles to find hope after falling to the dark spirit Marduk. Marduk covers the nation in dark red clouds to block out sunlight. A spy from the United Sceptres accidentally discovers the Q’dosh children from the village of Beth Shan. They rescue Zoe, Yesh, and Stazee to the safety of Sceptre City, where they learn they have been chosen by the Pneuma to hone their gifts of extraordinary power and return to their homeland on a sabotage mission—break into the Citadel, expel Marduk, and restore sunlight to the land.

My thoughts:
I wanted to read this book as it sounded like it should be a good book.  I enjoy fantasy literature, and reading one that has Christian overtones intrigued me.

I did not read through the whole book, I skipped most of the book to get to the final couple of chapters.  I found the writing choppy, more than one spelling error, and I just could not connect to the story in how it was written, it felt like everyone was kinda on the outside looking in... with the window pane in the way.

On a positive note: each of the individuals involved in the story line grow and develop as people, learning what they are gifted in and what stops them from progressing further.   They learned better how to relate to each other as family and to trust each others abilities.

Author: Julius Buchanan
Series: Acts of the United Sceptres Book One

Pages: 288
Type: Fantasy, Christian overtones
Reviewed for: Bookcrash

Canadian Readers: Sunlight: Acts of the United Sceptres Book One

American Readers:  Sunlight: Acts of the United Sceptres Book One (Volume 1)


  1. Fantasy literature doesn't tend to interest me but I take your thoughts pretty seriously because I have enjoyed books you've recommended before. I appreciate your honest statements about this one. Sounds like I will skip it. - Lori

  2. If you don't like fantasy... Not the book for you


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