Days of November: Decorate

My dear sweet man is aching to decorate the house.  (more accurately to put up the tree).  

He's having to deal with a wife who is easily exhausted, so making space to put the tree is a bit beyond him without my help.

I feel badly for him.

You see...I know what it's like to be aching to decorate, to get the Christmas stuff up and organized.   I am sure you do to eh?

So as I listen to him asking, so where do you think we can get a tree, or what do you think about putting it here?   Right now all I think is... wow...sounds like a lot of work...and I don't wanna.   But I don't tell him that.

I don't tell him that when I think about putting up my village it just makes me feel sad inside, wondering if I'll have the energy to do it and I SO LOVE to put up my village you know?  I really do.

It makes it feel like Christmas, and it's fun to move things around and have the villagers kicking around doing things, or finding a new piece I can add and see if anyone notices....

It's one of my traditions.   This year I was hoping to find a couple more pieces for my choir.   Wouldn't it be neat to have a trombone player??   (if I can find it again, saw one once and thought COOL, but well you know, you don't always have the funds for it eh?

We will decorate this year, just not sure when or how... but some time we'll get it done.  Maybe by end of week I'll have more energy again...wouldn't that be wonderful!   TREE TIME!!!!!  Yes, I do want tree time... this year I may have the boys do most of the work.  Building memories...a good thing that eh?

This post is part of my Days of November series.  You can find the rest of the days here


  1. I pray you find the energy to do these things that bring you such joy. We chatted last year about Christmas decorations and the joy they bring to the family. I hope that your energy will come, at least long enough for a few things to get done, a bit at a time. - Lori

    1. I think this year I am going to take the lad with shopping for his decoration. He's got a nice set of 10 needs another....


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