Days of November: Lesson

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Lesson Learned

I've watched others you know
with Pneumonia.
Thinking they look tired.
So letting them rest.

But it's not the same.
The understanding isn't there.


One has it themselves.
Then one intimately understands
The shortness of breath
The lack of desire.
The inability to move and
Breathe well at the same time.

Lessons learned.
Lessons remembered.

God only gives us what we can bear.
And so far I bear.

A husband caring, doing the dishes. :)
A boy loving, bringing me tea and blankets.
A group of friends praying, holding me to the Lord.

This bearing I can do.
As I sit and rest.
And re-discover a truth.
When one sits and loudly breathes.
And the house is quiet.

One can lift up
A boy struggling with accident results.
A young lad struggling with cancer.
A mom missing a daughter off at school.
A church in the throes of closing.
A friend in need of the Lord.
A friend's husband recovering from surgery.

These things that so often get a fleeting prayer.
That when one is sitting and feeling useless.
Longer prayers can be made.
And this lesson.

It is GOOD.

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