Fascinating Fungi

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One of the things that I like to do when out for a walk, particularly if I have my camera is to stop and take pictures of fungi.

My boys shake their heads at me and keep walking, they simply don't understand why I wouldn't rather take pictures of birds and what not.   But Fungi are cool, they are helpful decomposers of the plant world. 

Most of the fungi I find are this lovely white/beige colour.   Aren't they gorgeous?   Just look at all the variety in them, from rounded shapes, to rosettes or jutting out like mini shelves.   They are fascinating to me.   :)

Imagine my delight when  I spotted this beauty.   It's orange!   Every fungus on the tree was this same shade of orange.   I showed it to my lad when I got home and asked "What do you think makes it that orange colour mom?   I've never seen one like this before."
I have to tell you that I don't know a whole lot about fungi, I just know they are helpful plants that are often overlooked.     They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.   Some...are edible, others will kill you.   Others are so small you wouldn't even know they were there.  

Once when we were camping we learned about a fungus that lives inside of plants and is able to figure out the shortest distance between points.   If you had the time and patience, you could map out a number of landmarks, lay out oatmeal in that pattern and that fungus will figure out the best route for you.   Amazing eh?   They are apparently using that to figure out the best ways to lay down a subway system.   Go figure.

Did you know that fungi are not plants nor are they animals.  They have a classification all their own. They are highly variable in their appearance and action. 

I love how you can find one all by itself, just doing its thing, and at other times you see so many of them, you can hardly see the wood it's growing on.    Such variety in what seems an insignificant organism.  They just delight me.

So I heard that Educents was going to have a sale and they sent me a reminder that I have a credit with them and that perhaps I might want to use it up.   This made me wonder... might they have information about fungi?

And look.. THEY DO!!!

They have this bacteria and fungi kit. Young Scientists of all ages will be fascinated by growing bacteria and fungi of all colors and textures in Petridishes. They will discover how antibiotics cure disease. Students finish the kit by “waking”the common fungus called yeast.

Or check out this product: Germs and Fungus Lessons and Experiments.  Learn how to prevent the spread of germs.  Describe the various shapes of fungi and more. 
Oh Ick.  Gives students a chance to do science, including observing fungi growing as they make a mold zoo.   Not only that, there are 114 science experiments to be found at your fingertips, so even if you aren't fascinated by fungi, you are bound to find something that intrigues you.  :)

Just think of the fun one could have working with fungi, growing it, examining, watching it and most importantly...learning about it.   And Educents will give you a discount to do so.  Cool eh?

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  1. Interesting. I have always been fascinated with mushrooms so this was pretty neat to see. - Lori

  2. They are neat aren't they. What fungi do you see in Texas?


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