Five Minute Friday: Surrender


When I hear this word I think of the book of Ezekiel that I am reading through.   I am currently a little less than half way through this Old Testament book. 

Ezekiel is surprising me.
God is angry, oh so angry at the start of Ezekiel.
He wants to punish the people, they are colluding with the enemy (so to speak).
He's angry and wants the people to know one very important thing.

I AM THE LORD GOD and there is no one else like me.

 He punishes and corrects the people.
I am now at the point where God has told the people how he will gather them in.  He will gather then in so that they will no longer profane his name.

And he tells them I am the Lord God.   And THAT is what he wants them to know.

HE is the Lord God there is none other.

So when I read about people questioning God's will it makes me sorrow.

We have God's word in our hands, at least us Christians AUGHT to have God's words in our hands.
We should be able to learn from our past and see how God ALWAYS carries his people through.
It's not always easy that carrying through, but he does carry us through.

And to the end purpose... So that we will know that HE is the Lord God.
HE.. not me.
HE...not my neighbour, my prime minister/president, my country collective voting rights,

HE is the Lord God.
He has it all Covered.

And knowing that.... should we not surrender ourselves to that fact?
Should we not look at history (particularly biblical history) and see that truth.

He is Lord God.  He and NO other.

Surrender to the knowledge'll do better for doing that.

Surrender is the word prompt provided for us by Kate.

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