A time to be encouraged is coming.. the Virtual Curriculum Fair

Pretty soon the Virtual Curriculum Fair will start for the year 2017.  :)   Fun times eh?

Each week we will talk about different topics like Language Arts, Science, History and the like.   It will be fun and often times I learn so much.  There is SO MUCH knowledge out there it is astounding.  You will find yourself encouraged, surprised, educated, and filled with new material to help you in your life and your homeschool education journey.

But for this first week we are simply introducing ourselves and talking about how we do school and what not.

If you have followed by blog for anytime you will know that we do a little bit of this and that.  My son does a fair amount of school on the computer.   We are struggling with math because he comes at math from a different perspective than I do.   We are going to be adding more art and more geography and MORE Canada and what not.  But we are happy with our history and bible, our science and language arts.   I always see things I want to tweak...but those things need to be done carefully to avoid a rebellious child.

We read a lot and the lad is starting to write more...the joy of your very own story and art work... makes a lad smile.   I hope to share that with you.

I also plan to share some of our favourite art books.   I might talk about our math issues.  Talk about history and how much fun it is.   Who knows what the next four weeks hold?  Time will tell eh?

So a bunch of us are taking part in the Virtual Curriculum Fair.

Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts and Minds (our lovely hostess)
Laura H. @ Four Little Penguins
LauraOinAK @ Day by Day in Our World
Lisa N. @ Golden Grasses
Jacquelin C. @ A Stable Beginning
Jennifer King @ A Peace of Mind
Michele Pleasants @ Family, Faith and Fridays
Joelle @ Homeschooling for His Glory
Amanda H @ Hopkins Homeschool
Christy @ Unexpected Homeschool
Brittney @ Mom's Heart
Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break
Yvie Field @ Gypsy Road
Dana Lambert @ Luv'N Lambert Life
Debra B. @ Footprints in the Butter
Sarah J @ Delivering Grace
Annette @ A Net in Time
Lori H @ At Home: where life happens
Jeniffer @ Thou Shall Not Whine
Lizzy Peach @ Peaches @Home

Meghan W. @ Quiet In The Chaos
Amy L. @ Adorable Chaos
Kristen Hamilton @ Sunrise to Sunset
Kim @ Good Sweet Love Lisa McClanahan @ The McClanahan 7
Hillary M  @ Walking Fruitfully
Shecki @ Greatly Blessed

We will be blogging once a week on the following topics 

Jan. 2—See How We Learn, the Nuts and Bolts of What Makes Our Homeschools Come Together Jan. 9—Playing with Words, the Language Arts Jan. 16—Discovering Patterns, Math and the Mathematical Sciences Jan. 23—Exploring Our World, Social Studies and the Exploratory Sciences Jan. 30—Seeking Beauty, the Fine Arts and Everything that Brings Beauty into our Homeschools


  1. Looking forward to this years VCF!

  2. Math is an issue for us, too!

    1. would be good to know how you all deal with it.

  3. Sometimes I think math is the bane of my homeschool! I don't know why, but 3 out of 4 of my kids are just not into math at all (I think it's pretty neat).

    Looking forward to reading you posts the next few weeks. Thank you for joining the VCF. :)

    1. I love math, and the lad does too in his own way... it's just the programs that he struggles with..

  4. Math! Saxon didn't work for my girls, but a year and a half with it has been a nice change for my son. It's still not a subject he looks forward to, but it is less of a struggle.

    1. Hmm...funny how some programs work for some kids and not for others.

  5. Why is it that math seems to get us all? haha Looking forward to reading your posts this month!

  6. Can't wait to read more specifics.

  7. It's so strange. I have a kid who "gets" math and is very STEM oriented, but claims he hates it.

    You're right though...I love the variety of interesting articles that come from the VCF!

    1. I wonder why that is? would be neat to figure out why he hates it. My son loves writing his stories (that we do for language arts... but he also hates it (cause he has to sit there and write). Go figure.


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