Art Series: 642 Big Things to Draw

Do you have a child who likes to draw but sometimes or often comes and says, Mom, I want to draw something but I don't know what!   Can you tell me what to do draw?

Now...if your child is anything like mine, 99% of the ideas you come up with will be summarily rejected.    I don't know about you but... I FIND THAT IMMENSELY  frustrating.   Probably shouldn't, but it is what is right?   Enter in... this wonderful book of ideas.   642 Big Things to Draw.   So many ideas... if a child can't find something to draw in here, well... do they really want to draw?

Anyways, let me tell you about this book, and I have to tell you books like this are MEANT to be used (unless you are my son who would rather grab an idea and put it on art paper).

This is a fairly big book (9.29 x 10.67) that is filled with pages divided into sections.

Each of those sections has a word or phrase written in it.    With a good amount of space to draw in as well, or if you don't want to be constrained by space, get a art sketch pad and draw there.  It's all good.  Just draw and let your mind relax as you bring forth your creative talents.

Everything in this book is large... from jumbo jets, to a zoo, to a giraffe's neck and Lake Superior.  A bit of everything inbetween.   642 different ideas condensed into 304 pages.   Slapped down into a book where the pages are divided into 1/2's, thirds, quarters in different configurations.  Keep the mind sharp eh?  :)

Once a week or so my son and I will grab a book and draw for 15 minutes.   Sometimes we start new projects, other times we continue to work on projects from the week before.  We use this book and others like this book as our sources of inspiration.   It is amazing how simple words can inspire art.


642 Big Things to Draw

Chronicle Books
9.29 x 10.67
304 pages
Ages: all ages can have fun with this book

Reviewed for Raincoast Books.

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  1. Interesting book. I think I would have a hard time sketching in that books, as well, though. The binding would inhibit hand movement. I love the prompts, though! Especially the giraffe one. I know a young lady who would love that drawing. - Lori

    1. we love the prompts... and we each approach them in our own way. I really need to put the results of our efforts on the blog but often the lad doesn't want them shared... so I suppose I could share mine. :)


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