Days of December - Decorations

When I saw this word prompt on the Homeschool Review Crew's Instagram and it made me think of my tree decorations and how I wanted to share with you some of my favourties.

A new one this year, chosen for my lad, and its already one of my favourites.   It speaks to me of his growing love for being Canadian and wanting to know about this country we live in.  My boy is becoming a fine young man and I just love watching him grow up. 

This Joy ornament I've had for a very long time, and it's still one of my favourites ornaments.  I am always the one to hang it on the tree, and I normally place it fairly high up on the tree.

My son groaned and then laughed when I brought out Mr.Smiles here.   He's been part of our Christmas for three years now.    I found him hanging in a store one day and just had to bring him home with me.

The following year he was joined by three penguins which ended up turning into a whole troop of penguins...I think I have nine or ten scattered around the tree.    One of our many gotta admit.. he is cute.  :)

We have a variety of glass ornaments, which every year seems to grow a bit smaller as accidents happen, and careful steps need to be made until they are cleaned up.  They are quite old and have been around a long time.... passed down from my mom and hubby's mom and their trees of old.    Hubby remembers putting some of them up as a youngster.

My son asked that I put these guys up (but I only got one to come up clear).   Every year I get him a Christmas decoration and one year I got him some spider earrings for his Christmas ornament and they remain his absolute favourite ornament to put up.  It's been five years now and he just loves putting them up.   I always search when we take the tree down to make sure they don't stay on the tree (as they are clip-ons).    They are a bit odd of an ornament...but they suit our family well.  :)  And they elicit fun comments from visitors who spot them.

One year my lad and I made these snowmen.   Every year we discuss, will we put them up or not, and every year we see their smiling faces and up they go.  Little ones who visit will often pull them off the tree and the 10 we started with have dwindled down to four as sometimes they make their way home with little ones to put on their own tree.

So tell me, what decorations are on your tree that you treasure?   Do you have a story behind them?   Let me know eh?   :)


  1. We have some heirloom ornaments we have been given and inherited that are terribly special - blown glass bells from my grandparent's first tree, instrument ornaments from At Home Dad's grandparent's first tree, a bell from Bethlehem, balls from a neighbor's tree, ones we made when we were youngsters, and more. But, really, each ornament is special and has its own story. As we put them we, we always tell each story, where the ornament came from, who gave it to who, and lots of smiles and joy are passed around. - Lori

    1. That is so neat. A great way to learn family at Christmas


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