Days of December: Weather

It's a new month, a new set of Word Prompt Challenges!   YEAH!!!!

Today's word, as you can see, is Weather.

As I sit here on the first of December, outside my window I see a grey sky, it was snowing a bit when I went out to do the rabbits, but now it's settled into a bit of wind and a touch of cold rain.  Don't know that we'll get more snow today or not.

BUT we have had snow. This year, snow is rather exciting.   We have this great 15 year young man from Brazil living with us.  I wanted to show you what he did with our first snow fall of the year.

I LOVE his smile.   This boy is so quiet and so honest about things.  He tries hard to a nice and good lad.   I rarely see his smile of complete delight, and here I have a smile of complete delight.   Does my heart good looking back at this picture.  

My lad, when he saw our visiting lad out busy building, couldn't stop himself (despite his hard cough and cold) from going out and joining him.

The two boys had enough gumption left after the exertions to have an impromptu snow ball fight.  My lad quickly ran in the house when he learned our student has way better aim than he does and a cold snowball on bare legs wasn't his idea of fun.  :)   Made me laugh.

Tell me, dear reader, what weather makes you smile lately?

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