Field Trip: Niagara Falls

In the Summer we took our international student to see Niagara Falls.  It was one of those sites that he mentioned that he wanted to see while in Canada.  He was from France and was a nice young man.  We were quite pleased to host him.

We walked up and down and took quite a few pictures, I'll have to show you a few of them.  Here's one where I made the boys line up for a photo to show that YES we were there.  :)
As promised, our view of the falls
The day was hot, and we had seen the Hornblower go up and down a few times, one 16 year smiled and nodded yes please, and one 11 year begged to on the boat.  I wasn't keen on it, but hey... if you are there you might as well right?   It was a long walk up but off we went.

It was so much fun watching the boys.  They both went to the front of the boat and leaned over and got splashed and just filled with grins.  SO WORTH IT!!!   :)

I suspect we'll go again next summer with a student if the Lord so wills.  Depends on where we are and what we'll be doing at that time.   Perhaps we'll do the zipline (at least the boys and dad) when we go.  :)


  1. This is one place I really would like to go at some point in time. The power of the falls must feel just amazing. And to think - God imagined this and created it. Majesty! - Lori

    1. it is amazing Lori.. everytime I go.. it's just WOW!!!!


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