Great Books for Middle School

I don't know about you, but finding good books for middle school in kinda important, to that end, I've been keeping my eyes and ears open for good books for my lad.
So I've been collecting book titles (as well as going through my own books from that age)  ... go figure.. I kept a bunch of them!!!   Moved them more times than I aught to have but there yeah go, a well loved book is just that eh?   First I will start with what have read, and/or what I have here.

Books Read or In Progress

Just finished this one: The Wolf Keepers... wow!!!   What a fantastic book this is that Raincoast Books provided me... just fantastic.   One troubled lad, a busy girl, a zookeeper and a bunch of wolves.  The wolves are dying... mysterious happenings are going on at night... and before you know.. trouble looms.   OH.. I want to tell you more but then there would be huge spoiler alerts!!!
Just go.. get it.   I will assume that you will enjoy it as much as the lad and I did.  We enjoyed it so much that some nights we read TWO chapters!!!!

The Seeker of the Lost Cities... we have just finished book two of these series... hubby has read ahead to book four... we are looking for the audio of book three to continue our adventures.  Sophie is such a real character, and the plot is thickening between the council, the black swan, and the other group.   We are getting more on pins and needles about what is going to happen next.  Dex is such an interesting character and Keith (and the shiny silvery Alicorn) make us laugh, and all the other characters, so real and alive and you are just drawn in deeper.

 The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.

The lad and I finished this gem off last month, and it was a good read that brought out all kinds of thoughts and emotions.   Good characters development, a look into some of the realities of history all within a fictional context .

The Rangers Apprentice... we finished the audio up to book 10, but the lad is wanting to read the book for himself before we continue the series... so we are needing to be patient.  I bought the audios for book 11 and 12 as I WAS NOT being patient and have told him to HURRY UP so that we can all listen to it together.

What is he reading right now?   The Warrior Cat Series by Erin Hunter.  LOVES THIS series... I can't tell you how much cat-loving boy enjoys this series... he's one book into the second series (reading them in the order of the history not in the order of writing) and is talking about how we need to buy ALL the books that we currently don't have.  I'll buy them if you can't afford to okay mom?


I am currently reading through Miss Peregrine home for peculiar children to see if I'll let the lad read it or not.  I found the movie a tad alarming and the book just odd to read through, so the jury is still out on that.  Hubby wants to read it and if he likes it, it will be passed down to the lad.

Before I forget.. The Unwanteds.  Great series that we are both reading and listening to.   Alex and Aaron...Mr. Today and Secretary, Simba, Florence and the squirrleycorns.. interesting characters that are well developed.

Fablehaven.   oh my fablehaven... captured our thoughts and feelings and made us angry and happy and ever so pleased, and worried at times too... but it all comes good in the end.   Great series..  Brandon Mull...

 The Beyonders , another great series that we have enjoyed.   By the same author.  Smaller series at three books. We will be finding more by this author and reading them.

The Harry Potter series.. audio and written.  We like them all.. ONLY I haven't yet read or listened to The Cursed Child.  I leafed through it and it is written like a play so I'm left feeling a bit skeptical about it.   Anyone read it?   Was it any good???

Books from my younger years:
The Bronze Bow: one of the next books I'll be reading with him.

The Wrinkle in Time series.    I have long remembered these books and how they made me think.  I still wonder about the "X'd out"... I want my lad to like these books and enjoy them, I suspect I'll be reading them with him one of these days.

 The Narnia Series... we've read through the first two books but keep getting distracted.. once the new
year hits we'll get back on track again with book three.  Mind.. we are slightly frustrated as we lent out one of the books and it's disappeared so our set is incomplete.   It's frustrating because we had TWO full series and got rid of one because of our impending move only to be left with one incomplete series.   ARGH.

Books Already Planned that are New:
  •  Maze Runner
  •  The Brotherband Series is a spin-off of The Ranger's Apprentice-so looking forward to reading/listening to this new series.
  •  The  Eragon series

Books Recommended:
  • Through the looking glass, 
  • The giver series.
  •  Micheal Vey series by Evans
  • Steelheart, Firefight and Calamity by Brandon Sanderson
  • The Five Kingdoms by Brandon Mull
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan series, Mars series, Venus series
  • Maze Runner
  •  Tuesdays at the Castle
  •  The Series of Unfortunate Events
  •  The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by (starts with the Alchemist.)
  • The Bartemaeus trilogy
  • Firefly Hollow
Can you think of any that I missed?  Let me know in the comments below and I will add them.  :)


  1. Thanks for list. I'm always on the lookout for more book titles!

    1. Nothing to recommend...was hoping. :)

  2. These are all completely new to me!

    1. Glad to introduce you to some new ones Margaret

  3. That's a lot of reading! My boy and I are waiting for the next installment of Five Kingdoms; that ones' a good read. And I think it's just about time to introduce him to A Wrinkle in Time. You have a number of old friends on my list. I may have to look into some of the titles that I'm not familiar with. Thank you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. happy to help. :) This way I have my list of books to read in one spot you know?

  4. Great list of titles! Most are new to me, but there are a few that my daughter might like, although she's a bit older.

    1. I th8nk al most anyone would enjoy these books Kym, at least three ones we've tried together.

  5. I haven't read The Cursed Child but Miss E has and enjoyed it. She loved the Harry Potter series a lot. She is also loving the Lost Cities series you mentioned. We grabbed Wolves of Willoughby Chase at the book sale last month and the Wrinkle In Time series in on our list of books for her to read soon. Definitely jump back into the Narnia series if you can and I hope you can find a replacement for your missing book! All three of the girls loved Narnia. Have you all read A Door In The Wall? It was one we really enjoyed. Also, any of the books by E Nesbit or Edgar Eager are lots of fun. - Lori

    1. A door in the wall...have not heard of it. We've done some nesbit, eager is new. New books yeah!!!!


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