My Christmas Village 2016

An Overview of my Christmas Village

One of my favourite pieces.
This was one of my first gifts when we got married.

My Village is up!   WOOT WOOT.  Admittedly the lad did most of it this year with some placement of the houses by me, but he was very much into helping his mom out this year so it was like "YES!!  Let's let him".

Some highlights.

I really like my skating rink.  I think it was gifted to me but really can't recall, adding my figures and moving them around daily makes me smile.  :)   I need to find my son's skating lego figures and add them to the mix.  :)

I made the bench area with the trees surrounding it thinking that my lad would put the old man feeding the birds on it, but he turned it into a Photos with Santa area.   I thought that was very clever don't you?  (Santa is a lego man)

So here we have some folks waiting to go on the carriage, while the cow in the background is trying to sneak some popcorn for herself.  "Do you think she'll get some and surprise the guy selling it?"  :)  Gotta have fun with the figures right?   :)

 If I could, I would find about 5-8 more sledders for my tobogganing hill.   It would be neat to have some skiers, snowboarders and sled riders, even someone on a snowmobile would be cool, don't you think?   I currently only have three pieces....I'll look on Monday for some.

I hope you enjoyed the walk through my village.   It's a lot of fun putting it up each year.  It was neat to see the fun the lad had putting it all together and giving me a hand... even if the old man is feeding squirrels this year instead, and not every building has a light, and my choir is scattered about in three different areas.... it all works..and we'll move things around and lego will show up here and there.. it's part of Christmas at our house.  :)

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