Our Christmas Tree

The Smell of Tree in the house.... isn't that just a part of Christmas?   ah.....

This year we have a lovely spruce I think....some type of needle bearing tree (short needles).

Mom brought it up for us on Saturday, we let it thaw out over night, and the boys and I put it up on Sunday afternoon while hubby dear was napping.

We had a good time.
A TV show playing in the background.
Talking about the different ornaments, when we got them, who's they are, and different little things.
It's part of what we do.  :)

Every year my son gets an ornament.  Sometimes I wrap them and put them under the tree, but as my lad is getting older I've started asking him, do you want it now or shall I wrap it?   Last year he wanted it wrapped, this year he wanted it now.

Some of our ornaments.  It's a widely varied bunch and perhaps I'll talk about them more sometime, but right now I have rabbits to feed and a lad to take off to visit a friend.  :)

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