Recipe: Cheesy Beef Panzerotti

This is a recipe I threw together one night.

One Pillsbury Pizza dough package.  Rolled out.
Cooked ground beef that has been seasoned.
Mozzarella Cheese grated.

I didn't add anything else as I planned to share this with my Brazillian Student (who doesn't do veggies at all), but if I were doing it for myself I would add a bit of green pepper and mushrooms, or even some tomato meat.

Place your ingredients on one side, meat, veggies (if any) and grated mozzarella
Fold the other side over top.   Pinch the sides together well.

Cook it in the oven

What temp??   whatever you normally cook pizza at.  :)  375 I think.... Cook until it's well browned.

We both found it quite filling.

It makes for a filling meal.


  1. Sounds simple and yummy! - Lori

    1. it was, and I was thinking today... how would this work for someone who can't do flour??? totally stumped....


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