Recipe: Pizza Dough Apple Strudel

Pizza Dough Apple Strudel

This is the first time we ever made this and we were just playing around with what worked.

First we tried to cut small squares to fill with apple pie filling but that was a colossal fail.

Talking it through, the lad and I decided to roll it out and cut slits in it to see how that worked.

It took a couple of attempts to figure out how to fold the dough over, but it still tasted good.


Apple pie filling (3/4 can)
Pillsbury Pizza Dough


Divide the dough in half and roll it as thin as reasonable.   We found the dough very stretchy and that it would bounce back on us.

Cut slits along the side, we made them about an inch wide.   
Put the pie filling between the slits.
then fold the slit up and over on a diagonal.  Kinda stick them to the dough on the other side.
Criss cross your way up to the top. 

I have to admit, I wasn't quite sure how to finish off the top so we just folded it down back over the criss cross's.

It passed the muster for two boys.
Hubby and I said "hmmm.. next time we'll add some cinnamon sugar to the pie filling and sprinkle some sugar on top".   
It was good, just the added ingredients will make it better.  :)

If you try your hand at it, let me know your secrets to making it.  :)  

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