Review: It's Snowing in Hawaii

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It was funny last night, hubby was looking at my pile of review books and said "It's snowing in Hawaii?"   And I said yes, he said that was funny because apparently.. it's snowing in Hawaii.  :)   So what better time than to bring you a really fun picture book for children called It's Snowing In Hawaii.

Mike Guardia has written a cute book.. sorry but that's what it is.  It's cute.
It answers the question.. what would happen if it snowed in Hawaii.  

And just what might happen?

 You might have bobsled teams, and snowmobilers, bear skins hula skirts, icicles in the palm trees and snowboarders on Diamond Head.

This book is cute and clever, introducing many typical Hawaiian culture pieces in a funny way.   Could Snowmobiles really be driven by the surfers in order to plow the beach?   Would the college football game be turned into a massive snowball fight?

It's fun, it's easy, it's has great illustrations to share with your children.

Perhaps we should all go ice-fishing in Kahuna Bay.  :)  

This is Mike Guardia's first childrens book.   I think he did a great job making an easy book to read with fun rhymes, great illustrations, and interesting way to learn about the cultural icons of the State of Hawaii.   Give it a go won't you?    

Written by: Mike Guardia
Illustrated by: Melanie Stephens
Publisher: Willow Clubhouse Books
Pages: 14 pages
Type: Children's picture book
Style: Hardcover
Private Review for Mike Guardia

Where can you find this great book?   You could check out your local bookstore, or get it online.


  1. This looks like a really fun, adorable book! What a joy to have the opportunity to review something sweet like this. I love books that have interesting and unusual "what ifs". - Lori

    1. it was a fun real and I hope to read more by this author. :) Fun story... this book made it to the home of an "hawaiian" transplant... who was SO missing his home state. This book helped him smile again this Christmas season. Which was totally wonderful. :)


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