Review: This First Christmas Night

Today I have a sweet little softcover picture book to tell you about.

Entitled "This First Christmas Night" it is written by Laura Godwin and Illustrated by William Low.

A little picture book along with simple verse and delightful illustrations.

See this small gray donkey
This long, dusty road
This promising star.

 The whole book is wonderfully illustrated, and conveys well the story of Jesus's birth, the text adding to the story line.

Granted, I do struggle with the biblical inaccuracies, as the wisemen did not arrive when the shepherds did, but I have that struggle with how the Christmas Story is often told now-a-days, even Church programs have the wisemen coming up after the shepherds.  :)

I loved this last page.

 The illustration, the wonder, the centralness of the Christ child...and the hush.

Oh that hush of Christ quieting his people... Reminded me of the wonder of Christmas.  

All the senses are evoked in this 32 page book

"see this small gray donkey"
"feel the frost"'
"smell of sweet hay"
hear "the lamb bleating"

The only sense we miss is taste, but I don't think you really want to taste anything in a stable.  :)

It's a nicely written and illustrated book and it would make a fine gift for your little ones to introduce the Christmas story to them.

Author: Laura Godwin
Illustrator:William Low 
Published by: Feiwel & Friends
Size: 8.96 x 10.52 
32 pages
Ages 2-6 years
 Softcover is what I received.

Also available as a boardbook
Reviewed for Raincoast Books

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