RHM School Week Reviewed

So this week, was better than last week health wise WOOT WOOT!!!   Getting tuckered still happens but I last longer than I did last week.  :)

Schooling happened quickly this week oh my the lad was just on fire.   Most days he had his basics done before 1000 a.m. (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Oh.. on Tuesday though, no schooling done.  He spent the day with a friend while hubby and I spent the day in Port Huron.  I had a package on gears delivered to the SCC down there (Free stateside shipping) and so went to hobby lobby, the fishing store, the outdoor store and a few other places.  Hubby came home with a new target for arrow practice and I picked up a few STEM activities for the lad.

We didn't do much more than the basics this week though he did work on his book three days this week rather than one.

Wednesday we did the Foodbank and the lad managed to get his schooling done and help me too.  Which was really nice. 

Today we made this:

The lad had so much fun putting him together.  I'll have a post coming up sometime soon for it.  The goal is to dress him up a bit so he looks better as having the ingredient list staring us in the face the lad would rather not have.

We also made some cookies today!   I want to thank Kym for her cake dough recipe.   It works a charm and a lad can make them completely on his own with just some support from his mom with the oven.  :)

 Cookie making was followed up with the lad making a snow fort.  It's not done yet so no pictures allowed.  :)

I love this picture of boy and dad working together.  They were skinning ginger in order to make candied ginger (which dad and son love and I can't stand).  :)

Reading this week:

Snow in Hawaii (picture book review coming) 
Closer to the heart by Mercedes Lackey, one of my favourite authors
The Prayer Saturated family (non-fiction adult book review coming)
Miss Peregrines home for peculiar Children (book club read)

The lad continues to read through the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter


The Christmas Angel Project.  A Christmas novella about friends and change.
This First Christmas Night.  A nice picture book about the first Christmas.

Word Prompt Posts

Now???   A Five Minute Friday post, a poem.
Days of December: Decorations.  Picking favourite tree ornaments.

Life and Faith

Edom is warned for their revenge.  Ezekiel 25:12-14
Moab and Seir Corrected for Wrong Assumptions. Ezekiel 25:8-11 
Do Not Mock My People.  Ezekiel 25:1-7
Sunday Sermon: Christ is the Answer to Doubt.

Field Trip to Niagara Falls.   
Art Series: Art Lab for Kids.
Recipe: Pizza Dough Apple Strudel.
Our Christmas Tree
Hymn Study: Joy to the World.  

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  1. I like that robot!

    And my heart gets mushy to see our kids working with Dad. There's something about Dads and kids . . .

    1. I know. Love seeing them together

  2. I love hearing about independence in the kitchen. Life skills in the making! And seeing him with his dad in the kitchen is so wonderful.

    Miss E made a robot from a soda can a while back. It was a fun project. Your lad did a great job with it. Can't wait to see the snow fort. - Lori

    1. the lad was SO pleased with his cookies. I made them mom! And he absolutely adored them until... dad made his ginger snaps.. then ALL other cookies were meaningless....he likes his robot.. it was fun to do. 4m has an insectoid he wants to try, but I'm trying to find it on sale somewhere...


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