Santa Based Christmas Books

Do you do Santa at your house?   There are many people who do, and if so...I have a couple of picture books that just might delight your children this Christmas season.
Santa, in the eyes of so many, is getting set to come to town.  Have you been naughty, have you been nice?   Excited children want to know... Santa where are you?

Does Santa really care?  Does Santa have the time he needs to bring everyone presents?

Today I have two books here that will help excited children answer their questions about Santa.
Santa's Sleigh is on it's way to my house is a hardcover book about an excited little girl who can hardly sleep because SANTA IS COMING to HER HOUSE.  Santa is coming.  Santa is coming!!!
Beautifully illustrated, with select easy to read lines if you want to read it with your children.  Lines like  HEY SANTA HEY SANTA!   In this book, all those questions children have about Santa are answered, and some additional ones are raised, like does Santa really have a motor on his sleigh?

It's actually a nice little book, the last part of it making me smile, as a sleepy child COMPLETELY misses out on seeing Santa as he becomes a broom, or a curtain or .....  For Santa lovers, this book will go over rather well.
Written by Eric James
Illustrated by Robert Dunn 
Published by: Sourcebooks
Size: 10.86 x 8.75 
32 pages
Ages 3-6 years 
Affiliate link, Santa's Sleigh Is on Its Way to My House: A Christmas Adventure

Presents Through the Window answers the question, what would Santa do if he's running out of time... afterall..all those presents must be delivered!   What would Santa do?  Even if he's an unusual helicopter riding, pink-suited Santa.

Santa has a great solution...he'll just look through the window, see who is there and toss a present through a window.   It's actually a book I think children would get a kick out of... potentially.  It could, depending on the child, raise fears that Santa MIGHT get it wrong too.

Santa is peeking through windows, that are interactive.   Do you see the cut out?
Some children might find it simply hilarious how many times Santa simply gets it wrong, and BADLY.  BUT by the end of the book it all works out.  Everyone has a present, and everyone is happy.  It's just a silly little book answering the question of what would Santa do if he was running too short on time and just needs those presents delivered.

Author: Taro Gomi
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Size: 9.43 x 8.91
36 pages
Ages 3-5

Affiliate Link: Presents Through the Window: A Taro Gomi Christmas Book

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