What I Crave

When I saw this word prompt this morning you know what popped into my head?

Yup.   Tootsie rolls.
The local dollarama sells 2, 2 packs for $1.   This is not a good thing.

When I am ill, or tired, or grumpy, or just generally out of sorts, this is what I crave.

I also crave other things like doritos, Mr. Big chocolate bars, and hickory sticks.   But mostly... Tootsie rolls.

I've been sick a lot these past two months.  Cold, flu, pneumonia, generalized exhaustion, and persistent cough.j

ALL that weight I lost (to help with my overall health).... well...it's kinda crept back because... As much as I love tootsie rolls...they certainly like to stick around.

I will have work to do again eh?

I really really need to learn how to get my comfort in other ways.
From reading scripture, to talking with friends, to just relaxing with my family.... but what do I do?
I want a tootsie roll.

How does one break that cycle?  
Especially when one doesn't feel well and the whole world feels like ick because well "I" feel like ick?

I know it doesn't help that my hubby is the same way... he loves his pastries when he's ill/tired/out of sorts just like I love my tootsie rolls...

It does sometimes confound me though.   God calls me to be BEYOND my temptations.   But this one... this one I don't know how to beat.

This has been a five minute Friday post, word prompt provided by Miss Kate.
It's a quick five minute free write.  No editing or fussing about.  Just writing on a given prompt.
Then linking up and encouraging those who have gone on before.
Join us won't you?


  1. Hey, I'm your FMF neighbor this week. :) I crave chocolate a lot. We recently studied about craving God's word in church, so I have tried to turn to the Bible when I get a craving/temptation for chocolate.

    1. Nice to have a crew member as a neighbour. I need to find the same comfort in Scripture as I do in my tootsie rooms.

  2. It is so much harder when everyone is ill. I hope things brighten up for you this weekend.

    1. It is hard Jennifer. I hope so too, getting rather tired of this.

  3. Finding that balance between what is healthy and what brings you some cheer amidst the trials - it's tough. Keep you face towards your Lord and know that He understands it all and is your hope and help. - Lori

  4. I just don't want the one becoming too important you know? Need to get more consistent with being with the Lord...

  5. We all have our weaknesses. I'm glad you enjoy Toostie Rolls. I will tell you that is one thing I do not like. When we get Tootsie Rolls at the parade we give them away! Too bad you don't live closer you could have them.

    1. i want to live closer to you Lisa...MORE TOOTSIE ROLLS!!! :)


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