A Giveaway and Review for FishFlix.com

I recently watched this movie and wrote up a review at my other blog.   Check it out here.   But wanted to let you know about a giveaway the FishFlix.com is hosting.    Sign up on their email list and have a chance to win $80 in movies.
You can sign up HERE.

Review: 5 Minutes with Jesus: Peace for Today

I would like to take a moment to tell you about a wonderful little devotional I am reading through lately.   It's called 5 Minutes with Jesus, Peace for Today.  It is written by Sheila Walsh.

Book Synopsis:
Brief and profound, these daily readings from Sheila Walsh will help busy women draw close to Jesus and walk in His peace throughout the day. It will become clear that even in the midst of a busy lifestyle, every minute we spend in the powerful presence of Jesus makes a difference in our lives!

My Thoughts:
I have to admit that I am not a big devotional fan.  I find many of them rather poorly written and with scripture verses chosen that seem to have nothing to do with what they are talking about in the devotion.  I find that VERY aggravating.   Not saying the devotion isn't good or anything, but if you read a verse and think about what it means and then the devotion seems to have nothing to do with the verse it just feels like a waste of time or like the writer is merely trying to convey a thought and the scripture was tossed in as an after thought.

In this book by Sheila Walsh she starts off with a devotion



 No scripture readings at this point.  Just a 2-3 pages of text.   

The writing is easy.   

There are a minimum of 30 devotions to read (if not more, I honestly haven't counted them all)

Then you will get this blue box with a question or a thought displayed to ponder on.

 After this blue box some scripture verses are written down along with what translation they are from.   
Usually three to five verses are given. 

Verses from the NLT, NIV, and the ESV bible translations.

 Written in italics to help them stand out.  This is God's word written down for you.   

Using different translations sometimes aids in the understanding.

I cannot say that I have read through the whole devotional at this point.   I find they take me much less than five minutes to read through which leaves me time to ponder the verses.   I cannot say that every verse seems really well connected with the devotion, or that some aren't taken out of context, but I much prefer this set up.   To be able to leave a devotion with God's word on my heart rather than a pithy devotion that seems disconnected from the bible verse.

I like this book and can see myself finishing it when I am done this review period.

 Product Details:

Received: hardcover book
Title: 5 Minutes with Jesus: Peace for Today
Author: Sheila Walsh
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pages: 188
Type: Devotional
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Family Literacy Program from HSBC

Check it out folks.. HSBC has pulled together some literacy materials.

a quote:

HSBC Family Literacy First offers independent learning modules each with a story and various activities, designed to bring families together to celebrate and practice their literacy skills. Modules are available in four languages: English, French, Simplified Chinese and Tagalog with more languages to be added in the coming years. Once you have registered, simply sign in, download and print the modules!

 Registration process is easy enough.  :)

I pulled out a couple of different stories and thought they would work well for a literacy/discussion time.

So go on..  check them out.   They are free!

You will also find them linked on my language arts freebies site.