Recapping this week

So our week,

Started a new schedule with my lad,  making every day as much the same as I could to forestall those endless questions of "what do I have to do today mom?"

If I make our days the same, it has a calming affect on my lad... AS MUCH AS I HATE IT.   I like having things different, but I need to do what's better for my lad right?

Highlights of my week.

WhiskerSong had five babies born. 

I did a co-op class this week on Earthquakes
Earthquakes are rather cool, and I never knew before this class that they were at different levels, or that they could measure S and N waves.

Canadian Homeschoolers is doing a link up this month on doing Conference Chats.   I did a post on Animals Help Us Learn.

Homeschool Copywork has been a success in our household.    I wrote up my review of it.

 It's been a surprise to me how much my lad is enjoying this copywork program. 

He gets to write on a topic he's interested in and colour pictures that intrigue him.

Come to the Saviour Now was my hymn of the week.    Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads my posts and then I get delighted when someone tells me how they add to their week.  :)  

Let's think, oh.. I wrote a blog post for Karen (it will be out sometime this month).  I also got some seeds planted outside, we're going to have a few days of quite warm weather so figured getting them gets them a good start.  I'll need to put up frost protection cloth for them though.

I continue to make head way with my rat problem (which personally I am delighted by).   I've only seen one little one yet that needs to leave the backyard....I really don't need a wild rat sleeping with my guinea pigs.

OH!!!   I went biking today.   You have NO IDEA... I was able to get in some exercise and MY FEET DIDN'T HURT.   I was so happy about this, able to get out, enjoy the weather without thinking man, I just want to go home because my feet hurt.  I just wanted to keep going.  :)   I'm going to go biking again!!!!!   :)