Five Minute Friday - Pass

So Kate does a Five Minute Friday word prompt, that a few of us like to get together and write on.  It's often fascinating to see how many different ways a group of people can see one word.

The rule is, write for five minutes on the prompt.  So... here I go.

Sometimes it takes me a while to ponder the word prompt of the day.  Today was one of those days. Granted, I am admittedly tired, after being in the hospital most of the day yesterday.     My son had his ear drum repaired, and it was difficult for him post-op.

Today was a quiet day at home helping a lad cope with pain and not feeling quite himself.  I kept reminding him that this too shall pass.

I reminded him of last year, when he had the other year fixed, that he got better from that as well.

This afternoon when I was out in the backyard doing some work I was reflecting on how we'll have to leave this home sometime later this year, all the memories we've built here, it made me feel a touch melancholy.  

As I walked back into the house and shook off that feeling as, I've moved several times in my life, and each time I look at the potentials of where I will be in the future.  Things to see, do and discover and that's a good thing.

For it matters not if you have set down roots, it matters where you have your roots dug into.   Do I dig them into the temporary things of home and garden?  Do I dig them into the one who made my home and garden?

Just as I told my lad...this too will pass.   It will get better.

Join us won't you?   Take five minutes to write on today's word prompt.  Then link up, and join in on the heart of this community and take some time to encourage those that linked up before you.   Is a good thing to do eh?  :)