Imperial Crown A Gorgeous Flower

This gorgeous plant has had me mystified for a couple years.   Last year it grew a stalk but that was it.  Not enough of anything for me to post a pic saying what is this?

Now that it has flowered I posted a pic to a gardening group I am part of and learned that it is an Imperial Crown.

The Latin name is Fritillaria imperialis.

It is part of the Lily family. I think it is so pretty.   It came in a bag of mystery bulbs a couple years back from a nursery outside of Kitchener.   Cheap bag with a whack of bulbs in it.. most of which looked like tulips, some were grape hyacinths and a few others that I can't recall the names of.. but they were small bulbs with interesting flowers.. ah...ranuculus (or something like that).

They grow up to three feet tall.
They come in three colour variations: yellow, orange and red.  (and variations between that).
They come from Asia.   Native to a wide stretch from Anatolia, across the plateau of Iran to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Himalayan foothills. 

I remember the instructions said to plant it on it's side...I've learned this is due to their propensity to rot quickly.  A friend on facebook said they were an expensive bulb to buy so I feel doubly blessed right now. :)   A beautiful flower to grace my spring garden and purchased inexpensively.  :)

As I researched this bulb a bit I learned the smell of the flower is supposed to deter squirrels.  Hubby quickly said "oh.. we need more of them then!".  :)   They do unfortunately, only bloom in the spring so it wouldn't work year round anyways.  I also mentioned to him I didn't find it really had a smell to it anyways, at least not noticeable enough for my poor nose.

Anyways, she's a beauty and I hope we can propagate more of them.  Wouldn't they be fun to share with others?

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