FMF: Grow

Kate's word prompt this week is the word Grow.

Tonight as I was sitting I was thankful for a hubby who is mindful of my garden when I'm having a day where I am feeling physically not so good.

My boys helped me cover my wee growing plants as it might freeze tonight and I'd rather they not be harmed by any frost.

It made me think about it's what we're to do right?   Help each other be just a wee bit more?

Like the sun helps the plants to use the rain that they receive.
The rain helps the plant draw nutrients into the roots.

Before you know it, you have a plant growing well.  One that will bear much fruit in it's season.

It's like this with families eh?
How the action of one person helps another, perhaps not all in the same way, but they do.

It's how the church should work too.
One part helping another part which helps another and before long...fruit, in its season is produced.

Something interesting happens though...

I've seen it in gardens...where the plant is doing well and you count the days and think okay.. we should get produce about now...and you don't!   One ends up disappointed....and you ignore the plants and get on with life and one then day you go out and you have a tomato, or you see a bean... and EVEN THOUGH the plant is late in it's rejoice because your garden has been productive.

It's no different with people.
It's no different with churches.

We produce in OUR season.  Not some predetermined course.

Just as my son learned to read later than some other children, he also read earlier than some I've read about.

It's a production schedule that we can't ordain on our own. 
The season comes by it's own merit and we just need to let it come...early, late, or right "on time".   Whenever it comes.... shall we not rejoice for TODAY the harvest has come.

So tell me...what is YOUR role in it?