Review: Adventure Bible "I Can Read" books

Today I have two lovely "I can read" books up for review.   They are Adventure Bible books, one named "Great stories of the Bible" and the other "Heroes of the Bible Treasury"
 These are lovely books for children that are filled with full-colour illustrations.   Each book contains six books in the one.  They have a solid hard-cover that feels good in the hand.  They open nicely to that children can see the whole picture easily, without any part being cut off.

 Heroes of the Bible Treasure presents us with stories about
  • Paul Meets Jesus
  • Brave Queen Esther
  • Joseph the Dreamer
  • Noah's Voyage
  • Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet
  • Moses, Meets the People
 Simple children's stories, that don't tell the whole story, but do give children a glimpse into the lives of these Bible heroes.  Good stuff.

 As you can see, the full colour illustrations continue from one page to the next which is just a lovely feature. 
Contained within the pages of Great Stories of the Bible are the following stories:

  • God's Great Creations
  • Facing the Blazing Furnace
  • Ruth and Naomi
  • Miracles of Jesus
  • A Father's Love
  • The Good Samaritan

These books are level two readers, great for children who are learning to read on their own but might need some help reading larger words.

The illustrations help to tell the story, which is also of good benefit to early readers.

One needs to be aware with these books that the stories are greatly simplified and the whole story is not told, and sometimes it is simplified to the point of not being accurate.   This is where one can start teaching children discernment in what they read.  Just because a book says (bible-based or not) doesn't mean it is telling the truth (or the whole story).  That is why God gave us his word so that we can know the truth.

BUT books can be helpful in introducing us to some of the stories of the bible, and THAT is what these books do.  They begin to teach children about God's action in the lives of his people.   Just teach them there is more to it eh?  :)