Review: Shark Week

I have to tell you about this wonderful resource I was sent by Raincoast Books.  It's called Shark Week by Martha Brockenbrough.   This book is named after the Discovery Channels very popular Shark Week.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is so full of interesting facts.
Did you know that there is a shark almost as long as a school bus?
Or conversely a shark only about 10 inches long?   I know amazing isn't it, the differences?!?!
How about this fact... not all sharks breathe the same way and some can switch how they breathe?
Or another that lives in volcanoes?
And this interesting fact... some sharks can have babies WITHOUT mating!!!

I know.. it's fascinating isn't it!?!?!!   :)

Full colour images.
 Sufficient text to give good information without being too succinct. In-depth information without information overload...just enough to make a person want to look deeper.   Learning about sharks that live in a volcano led me to look for more information.

 Interesting facts, with a good break in the text, pictures fitting with what the text is talking about.
 Facts to amaze and astound, like comparing the great white to the kodiak bear.
Shark Week runs around 150 pages, teaches more about sharks than you might believe possible, I was SO fascinated, and I think you will be too.  Imagine..shark week.. in your own hands to enjoy for much longer than a week.

From learning about the prehistoic Whorl Shark, to how sharks hunt, breathe, reproduce and where they live.   Learning how much they are the same to each other, and yet how different they are as well.

This book is for every shark fanatic who wants to get even more up close and personal.   Now you really can live every week like it's shark week.

 Feiwel ; Friends
Author: Martha Brockenbrough
8.99 x 10.92 · 160 pages
Ages 9-12 years
Shark Week: Everything You Need to Know