Five Minute Friday: Team

Join us this week over at Kate's blog as we join together of the word prompt TEAM.

3, 2, 1 Go

It's hard you know.
To be part of a team.

A team requires working with other people.
I hated team sports as a  child.
Trying to figure out where I fit in best.
Learning quickly that I would always be chosen last or next to last.

I could never figure them out well, and
It seems I am raising a lad with those same lack of skills.
Give us an individual sport and it works much better.
Competing against oneself.

But I have learned as I watched my lad,
that even individual sports have a team component.
The striving to be like others.
The working together to show you have learned a new skill.

I see that and then I look at my own life.
And I see the times when I am part of a team.
When I help at things like Co-op days.
When I have whole families over so my son can play with others.

It's hard sometimes when you'd rather not.
When it's easy just to be an introvert.
and not be part of a team,
But it's a learning growing calling thing.

The Lord calls us to be more than we are.
He promises us his everlasting support.
He promises that he won't ask us to do something,
that won't end up being an okay thing for us to.

Consider this.
The Lord God calls us to be family.
To be a part of a working unit.
A body.   A team.

The strong with the weak.
Weak becoming strong as they
are supported and aided.
A body.  A Team.

That's what we are part of...
even as we remain individuals set on
meeting a standard.
The Team helps.


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