Using Google Docs to make a slideshow

One of the things I loved about my previous blog A Net in Time Homeschooling that I maintained through Weebly was the ease of making a slideshow.   It was SO easy it was brainless.

BUT I've been running into issue with weebly where I have to clear my cache to post a picture, with my browser disconnecting causes me to do resets, and lately not letting my scheduled posts .. post.   It's been annoying enough that as much as I love weebly I decided to go back to blogger.

BUT what to do about the slideshow option?

I got to thinking.
A slideshow is basically a powerpoint thing right?   So how do I make a powerpoint type thing?   Something that will be easy to load into a blog?

What about Google Docs?   I found a video the supported the idea...I guess it used to be called presentation but now it's called SLIDES.

Did some research and looked into google, where HEY!!!   They have a slideshow option!!!

Open up the slide option, and make up your slide show, your presentation so to speak.

Once you are done, go to the sidebar again and find the publish to web button
That will bring up this window, it will open up on the LINK tab, so make sure you switch it to the embed tab.

I did find a youtube video that recommended changing the width to 600 as that will fit onto most websites properly.  But much of the rest of the video was old.

Once you hit the publish button it will bring you to a new screen that will have the embed code highlighted.

Copy and paste that and you will get this:

Just so you know, if you want to see what the Homeschool Review Crew picked for the all round favourties, you can go here to see them.

 Addendum due to comments: I am pretty sure this will work in any blog program as it's just HTML code.   Give it a try!

STEM: Light Up Planetarium

Since battling illness is the name of the game in this house lately, today I decided to switch things up for the lad.

"Do your reading and then we'll work on a couple of your boxes okay?"   says I.

"GREAT MOM" was the enthusiastic response.  (good to have enthusiasm again)  :)

Over the past year we've been working with kiwi crates, I decided to bump up the the tinker crates, and Light Up Planterium is the first one we received.     Below you will see my son unpacking the box.  It comes in the mail addressed to him.

Tinker Creates is a great way to teach and entertain youth from 9-16 years old.   I discovered that the instructions are different, they came as a fold out page rather than a booklet. 
My son had absolutely no problem following the instructions and figuring out where he wanted to go.  He was able to easily look ahead and problem solve before reaching the next stage as needed.

HA!!!   I made my first ever presentation, cool eh?

One thing I couldn't figure out how to show you was how neat all those pin holes stars look against a dark ceiling.  Just couldn't get a good shot regardless of what I did with the camera.

But seriously, tinker crates are a great deal of fun and you can take the learning from them into so many different directions.  Do them as is or put them into a small unit study.  We're studying astronomy this year so this box was an excellent fit.  You can order individual crates from Kiwi Crates from what I recall, so give them a look see and figure out what you can use with your students.  :)