Jumping Around This Week

Since I've been battling illness yet this week, our schooling is still not back on track.

I have been trying though to do a bit more.

We've done a bit of reading in our history encyclopedia, story of the world, wolf keepers (which is a great read!), wonders of the ancient world and coyotes.

The lad is continuing re-reading the Warrior Cat series.   I've spent sometime listening to book 12 of the Ranger's Apprentice Series.  I've also scheduled a few blog posts.

In our reading we came across some interesting "let's learn more ideas".  

To that end we've learned about Japan's Keyhole graves.   You can see a link all about them here.

We learned a bit about St. Peter's Basilica as we tried to build a 3D model of it.
We listened to some coyote noises.
We also then hunted up what some of those noises meant. Adirondack Almanack helped.

Most days the lad did his Veritas History and Bible, and worked through his smarts.   More about them here, Working through our Smarts.    We've struggled to get in a whole lot more.   I could tell he's getting on the mend as Thursday and Friday he was begging his dad to take him out pokemon go-ing and these last two weeks that hasn't come up at all.   SO YEAH!!!!!   Perhaps we're going to kick this bug after-all eh!  :)

What else?

OH... I can't forget to tell you about this COOL virtual tour of St. Peter's.   Check it out here!

The rest of the time the lad played computer games, read, tidied his room and chilled out.   He continued with doing his archery, karate and Cadet meeting.   I did a lot of sitting, handling digestive upset due to a new med, got some blood work done (learned I'm a bit anemic) and generally worked to get better.   I did some blogging, sleeping, TV watching and eating of tootsie rolls (see crave).

Since I've been mostly chair bound and getting more mentally alert (another yeah!!!) I've been doing some blogging.   I also switched blogs.   I used to do most of my blogging on Weebly, but lately it's having issues with my server and I said "nuts to this" and have moved back to my blogger account full time.  I will have the LONG job of copying over my posts from there, but what's a gal to do eh?

But back to the point at hand:

Word Prompts posts 

These are just FUN to do.  They are normally short and sweet, and let's me feel creative.  :)
What I crave.   Five minute Friday post
Weather.  Inspired by my international student
Decorate.   Tis the season you know?
Lesson.   Illness teaches much.

Life and Faith

Field Trip to Fort York.   A trip to Fort York in Toronto.
God sought a man.   Ezekiel 22
God's sword is out.  Ezekiel 21
Book Club: The book of Negroes.   What the title says.  Good book.
Sunday Sermon: Keep awake, be alert.
Hymn Study: Rejoice, rejoice, believers.

Homeschooling and Reviews

Alpha-Mania Adventures. Prereaders phonics and phonemes program.
Working through our Smart books.   What this part of our dailies is.
Art Series: Draw, paint, print like the great artists.   GREAT BOOK for doing art lessons.
Seasonal Books to Enjoy.   Two fun books.
(link up is here)

Homeschool Coffee Break
The Homeschool Post

What I Crave

When I saw this word prompt this morning you know what popped into my head?

Yup.   Tootsie rolls.
The local dollarama sells 2, 2 packs for $1.   This is not a good thing.

When I am ill, or tired, or grumpy, or just generally out of sorts, this is what I crave.

I also crave other things like doritos, Mr. Big chocolate bars, and hickory sticks.   But mostly... Tootsie rolls.

I've been sick a lot these past two months.  Cold, flu, pneumonia, generalized exhaustion, and persistent cough.j

ALL that weight I lost (to help with my overall health).... well...it's kinda crept back because... As much as I love tootsie rolls...they certainly like to stick around.

I will have work to do again eh?

I really really need to learn how to get my comfort in other ways.
From reading scripture, to talking with friends, to just relaxing with my family.... but what do I do?
I want a tootsie roll.

How does one break that cycle?  
Especially when one doesn't feel well and the whole world feels like ick because well "I" feel like ick?

I know it doesn't help that my hubby is the same way... he loves his pastries when he's ill/tired/out of sorts just like I love my tootsie rolls...

It does sometimes confound me though.   God calls me to be BEYOND my temptations.   But this one... this one I don't know how to beat.

This has been a five minute Friday post, word prompt provided by Miss Kate.
It's a quick five minute free write.  No editing or fussing about.  Just writing on a given prompt.
Then linking up and encouraging those who have gone on before.
Join us won't you?