A Lad's Delight in Tidyness

Did you know that sometime in the 4 months we'll be moving?

To that end, we're  trying to find the furniture and belongings that we say "I'm not going to move that".  

My lad has taken that thought to heart and over the past couple of weeks has been working hard to clean his room, and MY oh MY the articles and papers and toys and junk this lad is tossing.  :)

He even went out and bought two new-to-him shelves for his room.

He's rather pleased with how it all turned out and said I could post it up on the blog for comments.

No before pictures as well... he wasn't happy with his room so no pictures allowed of that.
Allow me to walk you through some of his changes.

Where the shelves are placed used to be a large drawer cupboard.   It was good for the storage of blocks of wood, stuffies, toy animals and such like, but he's 11 now, his play takes a somewhat different turn these days.   

We moved it out to the book room where I'll use it for other things.  It left him with one shelf which was unacceptable, but YAY!!  Mom found some shelves for sale and the previous owner was willing to accept counter offers from a lad!!   An even better woot woot!

Shelf One:

Top Shelf - Christmas Snowmen, trophy and catapult.

Next Shelf- snake skins (literally) and art projects

Next two - papercraft items and support items

Bottom shelf - can you see how he made an area for his cat to lie down?

He is SO pleased with his just for Milo area.  :)  and Milo seems to like it too.   All we need to do now is add a cat door to his bedroom and Milo will always have access to HIS BOY.

Some of the treasures he wants you to see.   All these treasures he made.  Some from a kit, the rest all him.  :)

Second shelf unit

This unit predominately holds his books along with his 3-d models and a few other treasures.

The tractor is a reminder of his grandfather.

The bottom shelf holds toys he can't quite get rid of yet, as well as some cat magazines etc.

Model car, items from Kiwi Crates and a bit of this and that.

Treasures again for you to see: 

One last area that he wants to show off.

OH!!!  I almost forgot!!!   He figured out how to hang up his real sword!!!!

My son is hoping you like what he did with his shelf units.  Nothing on the floor, everything nicely organized.  What more could a tidy boy want eh? Other than... MORE SHELVES!!!!   :)

Field Trip: Kitchener Symphony

In October my son and I went to Kitchener, they were doing a children's symphony event there.  We went with our homeschool group.

BOY, did the lad and I have fun.

It was a rather neat program, they sent us the music before the program so we knew what music to expect.

No cameras were allowed during the program so I only have this so-so shot while they were warming up.

The conductor did a really good job as introducing each piece and telling the children what to expect from it.

In the hall of the mountain King , oh my how my lad liked this song, and has asked for me to play it again for him more than once.  :)

The conductor explained that you could hear the fellow creeping into the mountain and having some goblins or something start to sneak up behind them, and then a huge race at the end... would they catch him or would he escape.    My lad LOVES the imagery and the music..ah.. it makes him smile.

They did 10 pieces in all, each time the conductor gave some explanation of the piece and gave the students something to listen for.   Sometimes he provided imagery, other times he asked what emotion the piece asked or demanded of them, and so forth.  All the different ways the music tells a story were explained and demonstrated.

If you ever have a chance to go to a Children's lesson time at the orchestra, do so.  You'll learn much and be able to watch your children's faces light up with joy.

Days of December: White

The Instagram word prompt for the day is white.   
As I thought about this word this verse popped into my head: 

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.  1 Peter 2:9.

I have to admit, this is my favourite verse in the bible.  God calling us out of darkness.