RHM School Week Reviewed

So this week, was better than last week health wise WOOT WOOT!!!   Getting tuckered still happens but I last longer than I did last week.  :)

Schooling happened quickly this week oh my the lad was just on fire.   Most days he had his basics done before 1000 a.m. (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Oh.. on Tuesday though, no schooling done.  He spent the day with a friend while hubby and I spent the day in Port Huron.  I had a package on gears delivered to the SCC down there (Free stateside shipping) and so went to hobby lobby, the fishing store, the outdoor store and a few other places.  Hubby came home with a new target for arrow practice and I picked up a few STEM activities for the lad.

We didn't do much more than the basics this week though he did work on his book three days this week rather than one.

Wednesday we did the Foodbank and the lad managed to get his schooling done and help me too.  Which was really nice. 

Today we made this:

Review: the Christmas Angel Project

A group of women, held together by the love of member.  She dies, leaving behind a group devastated by her loss.   Will they stick together or will the group dissolve?

Abby, Belinda, Cassidy, Grace and Louisa were five good friends who helped each other and enjoyed each others company.   Abby called her friends her "four angels" and when she passed away she left behind Christmas gifts... one angel for each of her friends.

Her friends chose to form "The Christmas Angel Project", where they anonymously chose to help a variety of individuals... art therapy, pet care, fashion shows and more.

A simple gift... an angel with a scripture verse, changed the lives of four women forever.

It was a simple quiet read with smiles of delight as these four women reached out and learned and trusted God and grew more into the people God was calling them to be.

It's a simple feel-good book that might inspire some to try something different in their own lives and to rely on God to see them through.

Written by: Melody Carlson
Published by: Revell
Pages: 167
Type: fiction, Christian

Reviewed for: Nuts about Books

Where can you find it?


This word, admittedly, has me feeling a bit flummoxed.  What do I do with the word now????   So what do I do when I'm flummoxed... let the lines and thoughts flow through my head and see where they take me.

Says a lad when asked to do something
Can it wait?
Does it have to be done at this exact moment
or can it wait?

It's a good question.
A question I've been needing to ponder.
As I recover from being ill
for so very long.

The question I need to ask is
Can it wait?
Does it have to be done NOW???

And often the answer is no.
It doesn't have to done RIGHT NOW.

It does.

And then when just simply does it.
Whether it's convenient
Or exhausting
Or desired.

the laundry MUST be done
Food MUST be cooked.
Hugs must be given.
One boy child needs a DQ Blizzard for
being ever so very helpful.

Now is 

And that brings me to five minutes. 

That actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  :)

Funny how that works... and it often does for these FUN five minute word prompt posts that are brought our way by Dear Miss Kate.   Today the word prompt is now.

So why not hop in and join us.   Just write for five minutes, link up and then encourage those who have gone on before.  :)

Edom is warned for their revenge

Continuing my studies in Ezekiel 25, today we do the next few verses.   Verses 1-7, and verses 8-11.

    [12] “Thus says the Lord GOD: Because Edom acted revengefully against the house of Judah and has grievously offended in taking vengeance on them, [13] therefore thus says the Lord GOD, I will stretch out my hand against Edom and cut off from it man and beast. And I will make it desolate; from Teman even to Dedan they shall fall by the sword. [14] And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel, and they shall do in Edom according to my anger and according to my wrath, and they shall know my vengeance, declares the Lord GOD.
(Ezekiel 25:12-14 ESV)

 So far, each land/people group that God is correcting has been so for a different reason.  Edom is being disciplined because she "acted revengefully against the house of Judah and has grievously offended in taking vengeance on them."

You know that saying... Vengeance is Mine Says the Lord.

I think it holds true eh?   We shouldn't be in the business of handling vengeance.  We don't know the whole story behind things anyways.     Each situation in life has it's own subplots.  There is no way we can truly know them all. 

BUT the fact is this.  Edom acted out in vengeance against the Lord's people, therefore the Lord will stretch out his hand against them and make is a desolate place.   Its people and animals cut off.   He will do this by using the people of Israel.

I find it interesting in these verses that God doesn't add "so they will know that I am the Lord".    I wonder why they are not here.   He has the people of Israel act out his anger and wrath upon Edom because they sought vengeance on his people.   This is as far as these verses take God's discipline.