Field Trip: Children's Messiah

It was recently our delight to attend the Children's Messiah at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, Ontario.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

One of the singers directed her solos at the children, holding out her hands, bringing out scarves for them to twirl around, smiling at them.   It was such a pleasure to see her delight in them.

The program was about an hour,  and was a joint social outreach programme of St Paul's Cathedral Music Department and Magisterra Soloists.   They did not perform the whole Messiah, but rather select portions with the conductor explaining different pieces to the children.  

They also had some congregational singing: Joy to the World and Silent Night.

The video below taken with my cell phone, so excuse the quality.

We had a nice sized crowd and they served hot chocolate and cookies afterwards

They will be doing this again next year, so if interested book Dec 2 to hear the Children's Messiah.

God's Response to Tyre

Today the whole chapter is one section, called prophecy against Tyre. Rather than print it all out, I've included a youtube video so you can listen to it being read. :)

 As always I will be using the ESV translation to actually do my study.  You can find that printed here.

Today it is Tyre's turn to face the Lord.  Why? "because Tyre said concerning Jerusalem, ‘Aha, the gate of the peoples is broken; it has swung open to me. I shall be replenished, now that she is laid waste"

In essence Tyre said "WOOT WOOT... here's our chance to grab some goods while they are down and out!!!"

Not good form.

Makes me think of looters after a city gets devastated by hurricanes or floods or fire.   How the nastiness just comes out of the wood work.