A time to be encouraged is coming.. the Virtual Curriculum Fair

Pretty soon the Virtual Curriculum Fair will start for the year 2017.  :)   Fun times eh?

Each week we will talk about different topics like Language Arts, Science, History and the like.   It will be fun and often times I learn so much.  There is SO MUCH knowledge out there it is astounding.  You will find yourself encouraged, surprised, educated, and filled with new material to help you in your life and your homeschool education journey.

But for this first week we are simply introducing ourselves and talking about how we do school and what not.

If you have followed by blog for anytime you will know that we do a little bit of this and that.  My son does a fair amount of school on the computer.   We are struggling with math because he comes at math from a different perspective than I do.   We are going to be adding more art and more geography and MORE Canada and what not.  But we are happy with our history and bible, our science and language arts.   I always see things I want to tweak...but those things need to be done carefully to avoid a rebellious child.

We read a lot and the lad is starting to write more...the joy of your very own story and art work... makes a lad smile.   I hope to share that with you.

I also plan to share some of our favourite art books.   I might talk about our math issues.  Talk about history and how much fun it is.   Who knows what the next four weeks hold?  Time will tell eh?

Weighing out the Sin

I don't know if you are familiar with Tim Challies... he is a Christian blogger who THINKS.  Like really, he thinks.  He writes book reviews, links to good reads, and posts some really fascinating stuff.

I do not agree with everything he talks about, but sometimes he writes a post that really gets me to thinking.    He recently did that with THIS post.   Sex on the Silver Screen - Outsourcing Depravity.

And it's gotten me thinking.

GAH!!!   Like I need more to think on this week.   I suppose part of the reason it has gotten me thinking is that when I am feeling stressed two things happen.