26 Reasons to love Homeschooling

The round-up challenge from the Homeschool Review Crew is this: What do you love about homeschooling?

I got to thinking about that and randomly wrote down the letters of the alphabet as I thought and started filling things in.. before you know it I had a whole list of things I enjoy about homeschooling.

  • Annette and the lad, learning together
  • beauty found in unexpected places
  • Canada, using this land as a basis of study
  • documentaries on the tube
  • experiments
  • field trips
  • going out when we want
  • house based business, small business opportunities,
  • information to be shared with others
  • joking around
  • karate works for phys ed class
  • leaps in knowledge
  • minecraft becomes a part of schooling
  • new materials
  • other people - friends, teachers, family
  • Pokemon go inspires exercise and learning opportunities
  • queens, kings overthrown, a love of history
  • rabbits, robots, religion
  • stem and steam is fun hands on learning
  • teatowels, dishes, laundry...all part of schooling
  • umbrellas...learning how so much is connected
  • victories in learning!!!!
  • wondering what we will learn next
  • xiphoid process - learning where this is
  • yellow land and green skies...we can do art how we please
  • zero needs to pack a lunch worrying about the allergies needs of others

What kind of things would you add to this list?

You can learn what others loves of homeschooling the crew has here


  1. Very good idea, I may try this with my grands that I homeschool. I got here from http://livinglifehourbyhour.blogspot.com/ and Thankful Tuesday

  2. Thank you from stopping in.


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