A Week of Change

So this has been a week of change.
  1. January 14, 2017 was the official closing of our church.  Hubby is currently jobless, so we are working on living on severance as he looks for new work.  
  2. Toilets needed to be repaired thus necessitating a change in schooling on two days. 
But we still got school and life lived eh?

The lad again worked like mad to get all his schooling done before heading out to London and Gramma's for the afternoon.   He's currently working on building a pikachu for his dad.  It's proving to be a bit tougher than the other one that he made so no pictures available yet.

I had a physical and I'm in good shape apparently (other than the obvious weight loss needed)

oh.. what did we do then?   (usually I write these up as the week passes).... OH!  right we made a human skeleton!  :)   We are using God's design to study the human body and currently are learning about bones.   We also did our other schooling.

We had a lot of fun building this skeleton and reading through the bone section of the booklet.  Currently the skeleton is buried in with snake...

We would normally go to the foodbank but we had a "closing interview" that we needed to be home for so... we stayed home and got some schooling done.  We did math differently today.   Studied probabilities with the game of Sudoku.   Got other schooling done as well.   The lad was so good, doing some art on his own while we finished up the interview.
Had an unexpected trip to London, decided to take along all my young stock and sell them to the pet store. Variable weather can play havoc with rabbits, so figured it was better to get them into a brick and mortar building.   Hubby needed to pick up some wax rings in order to fix the toilets.   Plans were made to fix the toilets on Friday.

Big job today: Fixing the toilets. They needed my help to move them in and out of the house   We still need to fix the downstairs toilet but that's not a terribly pressing issue so we'll attack that issue next week.  BUT my lad really helped his dad well, enough to say "I don't want to be a plumber mom", but that still leaves a variety of the trades open.  One of my goals is that he will pick up a trade as that will help him throughout his adult life.   Still in consideration is: carpentry, electrician (which currently he thinks would be neat), construction, painter etc... actually a whole lot of ideas are open to him yet, but plumber...not so much.  :)

 We also made an automaton which worked!   It was rather cool.   Had plans to do art but that didn't work out timewise.   But the automaton worked!!!

Big day... grading for orange belt in karate!

Here he is showing he knows his katas.  Sorry for blurriness at the end camera went wonky.

As you can see, success!  Not that there was any doubt, as no grading if Sensei doesn't think you can do it.  :)


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  1. My middle son loves Sudoku!

    1. cool. This was my lad's first exposure and he found it fun by the end.

  2. LOL you all had too much fun with the skeleton!!

    Have been praying for you during your transition time as you closed the church and continued looking for the "next thing".

    1. yes Kym, we did. :) Thank you so much for your prayers, they mean much.

  3. I love the skeleton. How fun. I will be praying for your family during this transition.

    1. we had so much fun with that skeleton. thank you for your prayers.

  4. In spite of being a very challenging week, it sounds like there was a lot of good in it, too. I'm also loving the skeleton.

    1. We have to keep moving forward eh? The skeleton was great! And down the road...plans to add muscles and what not... if the lad can get more sure of his plans.

  5. I think my girls would enjoy Sudoku! Is this something you can get on Amazon? I've seen the workbooks, but never the board game. I'd love more info on this!

    1. Sherri, to be honest, I don't know. It's an OLD game board... so I'd need to see if one can find it.. I'll see if I can find the name and connect with you..

  6. Well, learning to repair the basics in plumbing is a great thing, though not always enjoyable. Sorry that you had to let go of some of the younger stock but thankful you had opportunity to do so. I probably need to get at least one of the girls thinking about something like Sudoku but it just baffles me! Not my strength. At Home Dad could do it though. A definite pastime of his. - Lori

    1. I didn't introduce it as a logic game (though it is) logic games make the lad frown as "that's mom thing" but approaching it a probability math game made the idea tenable to the lad. He said "it was hard at first, and then I needed to figure it out on my own.. and it became fun!" i think it would be great if I could get him hooked on them.

  7. What an exciting week, especially earning a belt!

    1. the belt was great! The lad was very pleased with his success. :)

  8. It looks like you had so much fun! Great post! Thanks for sharing at #familyfriday link up. Please come back next week.

  9. Well done on the grading and I hope things settle for your husband very soon.


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